Barry and Vale seal 50th Anniversary time capsule

At the start of this month, the Barry and Vale Green Party in Wales sealed its 50th Anniversary time capsule with support from co-leader Carla Denyer. Robert Curtis discusses the occasion.

Barry and Vale 2023 time capsule 1
Barry and Vale 2023 time capsule 1
Robert Curtis
Barry and Vale 2023 time capsule 2

On 2 October we closed our 50th anniversary Green Party time capsule, which will be opened again in 50 years' time. Inside were 'letters to future generations' written by members and supporters of the Green Party movement.

We would like to thank all those who contributed including the co-leader of the Green Party, Carla Denyer. We have achieved much since 1973, but we know that we must grow faster and become stronger if we are going to have any hope of protecting both people and planet.

We have chosen to close our canister on the equinox and at the 6000-year-old St Lythans burial chamber in the Vale of Glamorgan as this connects us with our ancestors who lived in balance with nature. The time capsule will now be stored in the attic of one of our youngest supporters until 2073 when people will have the opportunity to read our many messages.

Barry and Vale 2023 time capsule 3

The photo to the left is of my niece, Olivia aged 9, who will be 59 when the canister is opened...I am currently 59 and was 9 when the Green Party was formed!

The future must be Green if people and nature are going to survive...join us today and help us build a better tomorrow!

Green spokesperson, Rob Curtis, said: "We would like to send a big 'diolch' to everyone who has sent a letter for our time capsule. 

“The present outlook for our planet is looking pretty bleak with wildfires and record global temperatures. Add to this Rishi Sunak's dramatic watering down of Green policies and the Tory Party's growing refusal to take climate action, things certainly do not look good for future generations! 

“But the Green movement is determined to keep campaigning and standing up for both people and planet... only time will reveal whether we succeed!"