Judy Seymour, a member of the North Tyneside Green Party, highlights why social injustice is systemic in the UK and why poverty is an issue of class inequality.

The Sage Nursing home campaign gives a glimpse of what empowered workers can achieve
Formed 11 years ago, the group calls for a ‘just transition’ to a low-carbon economy
Our current economic system prioritises GDP growth above all else – it must change
Although our current world is unstable, this is an opportunity to ‘build something different’
The review will also see street names, building names, and monuments in the area evaluated.
Green Party member Nick Bowett raises awareness of the disastrous consequences of abandoned fishing gear in the world's oceans
Health spokesperson Peter Cranie analyses the uptake and refusal of the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK
Website designed to look like NGO rather than government campaign