Green MEP Ellie Chowns reflects on her arrest in Trafalgar Square last week
Switzerland’s two Green parties make major gains in October elections
Grandparents unite to safeguard their families’ futures as XR’s Autumn Rebellion continues
Jonathan Bartley has been arrested in Whitehall for joining protests against the ban on Extinction Rebellion across London
Protestors demand that Google and YouTube stop supporting climate crisis deniers
Green peer Jenny Jones delivered a Green alternative to the Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords

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Brighton Green councillor Martin Osbourne calls on students to register to vote for the upcoming general election
Bartlomiej Kozek explores how the environment has come to occupy a large space in Poland’s public debate
Diego Pedraza Lahoz, campaigner at Stay Grounded, considers the future of the aviation industry.
Julien Pritchard talks to Green World about his experience on Birmingham City Council
Air Quality
Diego Pedraza Lahoz, campaigner at Stay Grounded, considers the future of the aviation industry.
Jenny Bates, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, explores the impacts of an expanded Heathrow
Sheffield City Council’s current proposals for a clean air zone won’t charge private cars
Campaigners held up fuel delivery trains headed for Stockholm’s biggest airport
Defending Democracy

“Whilst legal challenges will inevitably mount and dedicated pro-Remain MPs like Caroline Lucas will fight tooth and nail in Westminster against both the sidelining of Parliament and the no-deal hell that threatens to follow, the power to stop this now rests with the people.” Following Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament in a bid to prevent MPs from frustrating his attempts to force through a no-deal Brexit, Green Party Co-leader Jonathan Bartley calls on the people to get active to stop a disastrous no-deal Brexit.

We need a democracy fit for the 21st century, says Sheffield Green Councillor Peter Garbutt
Molly Scott Cato asks if we are experiencing a modern coup and what must be done to stop it
Alexandra Phillips, MEP for the South East of England, condemns Boris Johnson’s latest actions in Parliament
‘The people have won before. We will win again,' writes former Greens leader Natalie Bennett