As the UK leaves the EU without new laws recognising animal sentience, James West, Senior Policy Manager of Compassion in World Farming, emphasises the importance of the UK enshrining this in law.

Annie Neligan outlines her stance on what action the Green Party should take to protect Palestinians
Rosey Thomas Palmer details the damage done by deporting dual citizens back to Jamaica
Green Peer Jenny Jones outlines her views on the 'spy cops' bill
Helen Quayle from RSPB explains why net-zero needs a new approach from government
Jenny Jones reflects on lessons that must be learnt from the storming of the Capitol Building
Natalie Bennett outlines the actions Young Greens are taking to support pro-democracy campaigns

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What has changed? Progress on climate emergency declarations
Douglas Johnson looks at Sheffield’s mixed responses to its zero-carbon deadline amendment
Carla Denyer calls for Bristol City Council to get on with making progress on its climate emergency plan
Alison Hawdale looks at Manchester’s mixed results in its action over the climate emergency
Cllr Lawrence Brown looks at how Liverpool’s action on the climate emergency matches up with its promises
Simon Pickering describes Stroud’s positive action to make the town carbon neutral by 2030
Louisa Greenbaum gives an insight into how organising Green Party Conference has changed during Covid-19
The city council’s first Climate Assembly focused primarily on transport
Rupert Read explains why he is calling for a boycott on speaking to the Murdoch-owned press
Green Party House of Lords nominee Molly Scott Cato outlines her plans should she be asked to enter the second chamber
Covid-19 pandemic

A Green Party Freedom of Information Request has shown there is a ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to coronavirus test result waiting times, with some parts of the country receiving test results far quicker than others.

Alan Story looks at the barriers to developing a Covid-19 vaccine and who will have access to it
Green councillor Gina Dowding calls for a community approach to supporting the vulnerable during the Covid-19 outbreak
Alan Story explores the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine and how its patenting could price millions out
Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack calls for Brexit to be delayed in light of the Covid-19 outbreak
Women's equality

“In a patriarchal world, climate change simply magnifies the existing inequalities within our society.” On International Women’s Day 2020, Kate Metcalf, Co-Director of the Women’s Environmental Network (Wen) calls for an intersectional feminist approach to the climate crisis.

Julia Lagoutte explains why femicide should not be ignored
Green peer Natalie Bennett reflects on the lessons from Helen Lewis’ A History of Feminism in 11 Fights
Charlotte Killeen outlines Europe-wide reactions to the abortion ban in Poland
Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack looks at the gendered perspective of the coronavirus pandemic