Green Peer Jenny Jones says the police should no longer be able to arbitrarily decide who is a domestic extremist
Green MEP Molly Scott Cato weighs up the Austrian Greens’ decision to go into coalition with the right-wing Austrian People’s Party
The last decade will be defined by the rise of universal basic income, says Green Peer Natalie Bennett
MEP Catherine Rowett has published a report calling for the East of England to overhaul its energy system
Green MEPs have welcomed the European Parliament vote to support the EU Green Deal
The UN Convention on Biological Diversity has published a set of proposals to restore biodiversity

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Young Greens Campaigns Officer Tyrone Scott reflects on the Climate Strikes
Alexandra Phillips MEP has called for individual and government action to curb the worst effects of climate change
Green World talks with Dom Armstrong, the first Green councillor to be elected to Sunderland City Council
Green Party Co-leader Jonathan Bartley argues that no boss should be paid more than 10 times their company’s lowest earner
Air Quality
Diego Pedraza Lahoz, campaigner at Stay Grounded, considers the future of the aviation industry.
Jenny Bates, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, explores the impacts of an expanded Heathrow
Sheffield City Council’s current proposals for a clean air zone won’t charge private cars
Campaigners held up fuel delivery trains headed for Stockholm’s biggest airport
General election 2019

Whilst the Conservatives secured an overwhelming majority, the Green Party has achieved a significant gain in vote share, with over 850,000 voters backing its bold policies for transformative change.

Green World joins the Bristol city councillor as she campaigns to turn Bristol West Green
Green Party launches manifesto to unleash green economic revolution and secure a People’s Vote
The Green Party’s plans will see huge investment in wind energy and clean energy jobs.
Greens will appoint a Carbon Chancellor to oversee the Green New Deal