A Green Party report is calling for an incineration tax to curb the burning of waste
The Electoral Commission has fined the pro-Brexit group for breaking electoral law
The divisive president’s working visit has been greeted with a ‘carnival of resistance’
Caroline Lucas urges the government to clean up its act on renewable energy
The government has confirmed it did not act on recommendations made in 2014
Jenny Jones explains the family's court appeal and the importance of her new Clean Air Bill
A UN report reveals 62.2 per cent of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are unsustainable

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100th issue

Since its inception 25 years ago, Green World has covered all aspects of Green Party life. Three former editors, in the hot seat for a combined 16 years, give their thoughts on Green World reaching this landmark

An introduction to the history of the Green Party
Caroline Lucas looks at how the party has adapted its message
Attracting the young Green members of the future
Chris Williams looks back on a successful campaign for the Greens

For the benefit of new members and re-invigoration of long-standing supporters, Peter Barnett offers an explanation of the essence of Green Politics and how it differs from all other ideologies

The migration crisis is fast becoming an existential crisis for Europe
Rupert Read issues a warning against too much climate optimism
The National Geographic documentary about Jane Goodall
How to get help to those who need it

With little clarity on post-Brexit animal welfare policy, protections for animals in research could be at risk. Keith Taylor MEP explores the issues

Jonathan Bartley makes the case for a vote on the final Brexit deal
Charities are set to lose out on vital European funding
Molly Scott Cato's latest take on the unfolding Brexit drama
EU nationals without fixed accommodation are being forced to leave the UK

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed – Mahatma Gandhi