Adam McGibbon was the campaign manager for Brighton Pavilion in 2015 as Caroline Lucas set out to defend her parliamentary seat for the first time. With a majority of just 1200 votes and a recent important council by-election loss, winning was by no means guaranteed.

Michael Munson, PPC Eastbourne Green Party, analyses the risks of Greenpeace’s Project Climate Vote and the Just Vote campaign
Green Party member Juliette Harkin recounts Rockland St Mary with Hellington parish village’s community Apple Day
Why the voting system of single transferable is the way to go
It is time to use the arts to inspire hope on the climate emergency, rather than terror
An analysis of mainstream media discourse in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy suggests that the othering and demonisation of climate activists are neither new nor unbiased
The Green Party is deeply concerned by reports that the United States intends once again to station nuclear weapons at RAF Lakenheath

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Autumn Conference 2023
The weekend saw motions passed banning ‘High Carbon Adverts’, the four-day working week, HS2, and more
Greens unveil target candidates for the next election, with a plan to ensure everyone can afford a quality home
Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter’s speech from the party conference in Brighton this past weekend
On 8 October, Bavarians and Hessens went to the polls after a toxic campaign where nothing seemed off limits
The Barry and Vale Green Party in Wales has sealed its 50th Anniversary time capsule
70 per cent of Brits would use a reusable water bottle if refill stations were more readily available
Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter’s speech from the party conference in Brighton this past weekend
50 Years: Celebrating our anniversary
Former MEP Jean Lambert shares memories of one of the Party's greatest electoral breakthroughs
Jonathon Porritt recounts events surrounding the 1979 General Election when the party made a breakthrough by qualifying for its first party political broadcast
Dr Mitya Pearson on how decisions taken by early leaders set the Party on its current course
Darren Johnson recounts the work behind his election breakthrough in Lewisham in 2002
One of the party's longest-standing members recounts how he got involved as a teenager
In the first in a series of Anniversary Stories, one of the ‘Gang of Four’, Lesley Whittaker, outlines events leading up to the fateful decision to set up a new political party