“As this report makes clear, there are too many critical areas where the Government is lagging behind, yet they must be addressed if we are to achieve net zero emissions.” Caroline Lucas MP responds to the Climate Change Committee’s

Natalie Bennett reflects on the state of the UK’s democratic system
Darren Johnson reflects on the rich life of longstanding Green Party activist Penny Kemp
Green Peer Jenny Jones reflects on the Government’s need to adapt and respond to climate change
Women’s correspondent Charlotte Killeen details the strengths and shortcomings of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021
The Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition describes how Newham community groups rallied together at a protest on Saturday 5 June
International Secretary for the German Greens Jamila Schäfer explains the party’s vision for an active European civil society

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Your newly elected councillors
Cllr Jason Walsh for Bebington speaks to Green World about his experience of being elected as a Green councillor
Green councillors Chris Jarvis and Lucy Pegg explain what issues they will be tackling in Oxford
Newly elected Cllr Ben Crystall for Hertford Bengeo speaks to Green World about green issues in the area
Newly elected Green Cllr Georgia Taylor on East Sussex County Council speaks to Green World about her election campaign
Newly elected councillors Dez Dell, Sarah Tubbs and Emily Fedorowycz describe their experiences of the election campaign
Louisa Greenbaum gives an insight into how organising Green Party Conference has changed during Covid-19
The city council’s first Climate Assembly focused primarily on transport
Rupert Read explains why he is calling for a boycott on speaking to the Murdoch-owned press
Green Party House of Lords nominee Molly Scott Cato outlines her plans should she be asked to enter the second chamber
Post-Brexit Britain

With the end of the Brexit transition period upon us, two Young Greens – Marie Stadtler and Eleanor Morrissey – reflect on what the end of free movement means to them.

Professor Jeroen van der Sluijs outlines his argument against the toxic insecticide
Keith Taylor MEP discusses the risks posed by Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s approach to Brexit
Charlotte Killeen considers the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on women’s rights issues
Cabinet’s proposals for a tiered immigration system banning those earning under £30,000 have come under fire
Covid-19 pandemic

A Green Party Freedom of Information Request has shown there is a ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to coronavirus test result waiting times, with some parts of the country receiving test results far quicker than others.

Alan Story looks at the barriers to developing a Covid-19 vaccine and who will have access to it
Green councillor Gina Dowding calls for a community approach to supporting the vulnerable during the Covid-19 outbreak
Alan Story explores the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine and how its patenting could price millions out
Measures to contain the coronavirus are eerily reminiscent of the failed war on drugs