"He left the world a better place": Remembering Charlie Kiss, a trailblazing parliamentary candidate and tireless advocate for unions, peace, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Those in charge must consider how to solve problems, rather than add to them
Lorna Slater reflects on plans to deliver an independence referendum
How can we make humanity’s use of energy more sustainable and socially just?
Councillor Julian Dean explores how Greens are overturning business-as-usual
Amelia Womack reflects on the first event in the Always Learning series
Lewes District Council is the first in the UK to factor water pollution into development law

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Energy: A social and environmental issue
This is ‘no way to run a country’ says Natalie Bennett, expressing dismay at the policy and its delivery
We must pull the plug on new oil and gas, says clean energy group Uplift
Three providers explain the crisis, the spike, and why the UK must make a green transition
How can we address fuel poverty? Grant everyone a free basic band of energy
Despite years of protest, ‘backbench climate sceptics’ are championing the process
A ‘dirty profits tax’ could close the fuel poverty gap and address the climate emergency
2022 elections
The country will see 79 new Greens on its local councils
The party celebrated a win of eight seats over the weekend
The party saw record gains in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands
Latest columns
The group’s membership spike shows an appetite for youth engagement with local politics
Alan Borgars returns to analyse the past two month's by-election results
New seats are seeing the party take its vision to new communities across the country
Your newly elected councillors
Beatrice White speaks to the greens who broke down the council’s Labour wall
The new councillor describes her campaign experience and the green issues affecting her ward
The new councillor’s campaign was described as ‘a breath of fresh air’
The new deputy leader of the Bristol Green Group reflects on her journey into politics
The newly-elected councillor speaks to Green World about the experience of his campaign
Newly elected Cllr Anna Cope tells Green World about her aims for her ward
Cllr Lorraine Francis describes her experience of campaigning in one of Bristol’s inner city wards
Cllr Joseph Booton speaks to Green World about his experience of the local election
Newly elected councillors Dez Dell, Sarah Tubbs and Emily Fedorowycz describe their experiences of the election campaign
The practice could see us working with nature, rather than against it
Essential carbon-cutting measures have been swept aside by an inadequate strategy
Protestors in Broadstairs challenged the profits and power of Big Gas and Oil
The group’s membership spike shows an appetite for youth engagement with local politics