The Global Majority Vs. campaign took the Government to court last year over the violation of human rights. Although the courts did not rule in their favour, their fight for global citizens’ rights is ongoing.

Greens in and London are leading the call for rent controls in major cities
The proposed agency could hinder UK innovation rather than help it
Alan Borgars reflects on the council by-elections that took place in England and Wales last month
The Bill threatens the right to take part in peaceful protest
Reflecting on the trial, Cleo Lake considers where we must go next in the quest for justice
FTSE 100 CEOs earned more in just four days than the median UK yearly salary

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Green World Editorial Board's Francesca Gater accompanies activists on a 'toxic tour' of COP26, discovering that 'net-zero' may not be all that it seems. Reflecting on the actions of the EU, UN and UK, as well as the summit itself, she outlines where the strategy is falling short.

Doubts that the necessary commitments will be reached in final declaration
The 25,000-strong meeting is facilitating new conversations, alliances, and information
The mechanism has been endorsed by global leaders, those at the summit must join the fray
Although on the front line of the climate crisis, women are outnumbered within the COP
Autumn Conference
The pair opened the autumn conference with a speech laying out their vision for the Party
Amelia Womack reminded listeners of the power of collective will, affirmed by the pandemic
An overview of the motions passed at this year’s autumn conference
Green World speaks to 11-year-old activist Jude Walker, who is speaking at the Autumn Conference
Your newly elected councillors
Cllr Jason Walsh for Bebington speaks to Green World about his experience of being elected as a Green councillor
Green councillors Chris Jarvis and Lucy Pegg explain what issues they will be tackling in Oxford
Newly elected Cllr Ben Crystall for Hertford Bengeo speaks to Green World about green issues in the area
Newly elected Green Cllr Georgia Taylor on East Sussex County Council speaks to Green World about her election campaign
Newly elected councillors Dez Dell, Sarah Tubbs and Emily Fedorowycz describe their experiences of the election campaign
Cllr Joseph Booton speaks to Green World about his experience of the local election
Newly elected Cllr Julia Evans speaks to Green World about her experience of the election campaign and green issues in Shropshire
It’s important to support ourselves and balance the load of local party work – sometimes, something’s got to give
Although our current world is unstable, this is an opportunity to ‘build something different’
Land Value Tax was voted through at Conference in 2019. Clive Stevens explains the benefits the policy would bring.
Rupert Read highlights what the group has achieved in its first year, and how it will proceed