Alison Tickell discusses how culture can face up to the issues of sustainability and climate destruction
The WHO has endorsed a Covid-19 vaccine patent pooling proposal, but is expected to encounter resistance
Green peer Natalie Bennett on the impact for small businesses receiving no insurance payouts
Green peer Natalie Bennett reflects on the government’s ‘Plan to Rebuild’ report released earlier this week
Sustrans’ Daniel Gillett reflects on the recent government emergency funding for active travel
Benali Hamdache reflects on the progress towards reaching equality for the LGBTIQA+ community

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Holly Barrow considers how the fast fashion industry must reconstruct itself after the pandemic.
Co-Chair of the European Green Party Evelyne Huytebroeck presses for a sustainable, fair Europe built on solidarity.
Alan Story explores the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine and how its patenting could price millions out
Green Peer Natalie Bennett calls into question the current food system.
Air Quality
An open letter demands governments to avoid Covid-19 aviation industry bailouts.
Diego Pedraza Lahoz, campaigner at Stay Grounded, considers the future of the aviation industry
Jenny Bates, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, explores the impacts of an expanded Heathrow
Sheffield City Council’s current proposals for a clean air zone won’t charge private cars
Global Greens

The Green Party of Ireland has won 12 seats in the Dáil Éireann in its best ever general election result and will now have a strong hand in forthcoming coalition negotiations after no one party won enough seats to form a government following Sinn Féin’s historic surge.

Green MEPs reflect on their time in the European Parliament as the UK leaves the EU
Green MEP Molly Scott Cato weighs up the Austrian Greens’ decision to go into coalition with the right-wing Austrian People’s Party
Green MEPs have welcomed the European Parliament vote to support the EU Green Deal
The GPEW International Committee gives an overview of the Green Academy training weekend in North Macedonia