Natalie Bennett gives her latest update on progress at the COP24 climate talks
Four countries blocked key climate change study from discussions at COP24
A report has revealed global carbon emissions will reach a record high in 2018
Article 50 can be revoked without EU support, says the ECJ
The council has brought carbon neutrality targets forward to 2030
The motion calls for the Mayor of London to commit to making London carbon neutral by 2030

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Natalie Bennett gives an introduction to COP24 and the importance of building on the Paris Climate Agreement
Natalie Bennett makes the case for Universal Basic Income as a support for the arts
Refugee Campaigner Azadeh Hosseini looks at the progress of the Refugee Family Reunion Bill
Composer Penny Squire has written a string quartet using Greenpeace footage to chart the change in attitudes to climate change
Climate Change

As the COP24 climate talks begin in Katowice, Poland, this week, former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett looks back on the historic commitments made in Paris in 2015 and the importance of ‘enhanced ambition’ and increased urgency needed to limit planetary warming to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.

COP24 has begun in Poland with a call for urgent action from David Attenborough
Government has launched the first UK Climate Projections for a decade
Protesters blocked bridges in a day of action to raise awareness of the environmental crisis
A motion proposed by Green councillors to make Bristol carbon neutral by 2030 has won cross-party support
People's Vote
MEP and Brexit Steering Group member Philippe Lamberts explains the EU’s view
It’s now or never to make our voices heard, says Green Co-leader
Greens’ Trade Union Liaison Paul Valentine takes a look at the picture for workers if a ‘no deal' Brexit goes ahead
Young Green Charlie Keller sets out why young people in the UK deserve a say on the Brexit deal
GPEW Internal Elections

Fresh from their election as Green Party Co-leaders with 74 per cent of the vote, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry speak to Green World as they look back on the election process and lay out their ambitions for the Green Party over the next two years.