Green Party member Lucy Phillip outlines the Eco Planning Law petition, calling for support to challenge the Government’s failure to protect our rapidly disappearing greenfields.

The new councillor describes her campaign experience and the green issues affecting her ward
Judy Seymour highlights why social injustice is systemic in the UK
The campaign encourages councils to pass a motion calling to scrap FPTP at general elections
Jenny Jones outlines her Clean Air Act – 'Ella's Law'
Three providers explain the crisis, the spike, and why the UK must make a green transition
The county needs to ‘think strategically’ if it is to develop resilience to glocal challenges

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2022 elections
The country will see 79 new Greens on its local councils
The party celebrated a win of eight seats over the weekend
The party saw record gains in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands
Green Party Trade Union Group series
In the first of ten weekly blogs, the Green Party Trade Union Group looks ahead to the May elections
The Sage Nursing home campaign gives a glimpse of what empowered workers can achieve
Use of private contractors by councils is a false economy
The company’s sudden dismissal of staff has raised serious questions about legal protection for employees
Caroline Lucas highlights the need for ‘joined-up thinking’ in world politics, and how we can call for more of it
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Your newly elected councillors
The new deputy leader of the Bristol Green Group reflects on her journey into politics
The newly-elected councillor speaks to Green World about the experience of his campaign
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Cllr Lorraine Francis describes her experience of campaigning in one of Bristol’s inner city wards
Green councillors Chris Jarvis and Lucy Pegg explain what issues they will be tackling in Oxford
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Newly elected councillors Dez Dell, Sarah Tubbs and Emily Fedorowycz describe their experiences of the election campaign
Cllr Joseph Booton speaks to Green World about his experience of the local election
In April, the Young Greens held a weekend of education to equip a new generation with key skills and contacts
Despite years of protest, ‘backbench climate sceptics’ are championing the process
Green Alliance senior policy advisor Jim Elliott writes for Inside Track
Peatlands are biodiversity hotspots, yet peat is harvested at industrial scale