Your guide to the Green Party leadership election

Voting for a new leader or new co-leaders of the Green Party will run from 2-23 September. Green World provides a guide to the election, including the candidate statements and how members can vote. 

Green World

Who can vote?

Fully paid members in good standing as of 27 August 2021 can vote for their next leadership. (Not a member? Find out more about becoming a member.)

Who can I vote for?

Three co-leader teams and two individuals have come forward for the role to lead the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) for a two-year term. They are: 

Candidate statements for each team or individual can be found via the links above. 

The candidates have also taken part in a leadership debate on Iain Dale’s LBC programme - the whole debate can be watched here

When can I vote?

Voting will run from 2-23 September, with results set to be announced soon after. Voting will open at 10am on 2 September.

Online voting will close at 10pm on 23 September, while the final postal ballot votes will be allowed with the last post on 23 September.

How can I vote?

Voting will take place mainly online, but with provision for postal votes for those who are not online. 

The voting system will be in the format of a single transferable vote (STV) – each voter will submit a single ballot on which candidates are ranked. In addition to the candidates, the ballot paper will allow voters to express a preference for "Re- Open Nominations" (RON).

The Green Party has not yet issued an expected date for the announcement of results, as the count will be affected by how many postal ballots will need to be issued.

Votes will be cast through a separate portal, which can be accessed through a unique voting code sent out to each member.

Any members due to renew membership before the vote should ensure that any change of address, email, bank account or card number has been notified to the Party Office if they want to make sure of their vote.