Young Greens visit Macedonia

An update on the Young Greens' visit to Macedonia

Young Greens of England and Wales
Thu 14 Jun 2018

From 9-10 March, Alice Hubbard, Sam Murray and Louis Williams from the Young Greens of England and Wales (YGEW) visited Skopje, Macedonia, to partake in a weekend of workshops, presentations and brainstorming with the Young Greens of the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (MODOM). Funded by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the two youth wings used the weekend to identify key areas for future international collaboration, including joint campaigns, training, elections and redefining relationships with mother parties.

During the weekend, YGEW met with the MODOM Presidency and a larger group of MODOM activists. The two youth organisations delivered presentations and workshops on developing local parties to deliver greater election success, how to turn supporters into activists, the international global Young Green movement and activism. As a result, the YGEW agreed to help MODOM launch their own 30 Under 30 training and mentoring programme, similar to YGEW's own 30 Under 30 programme. Both youth organisations also agreed to launch a joint newsletter, which could be used as a platform to develop joint international campaigns.

The YGEW delegation also had the pleasure of meeting with the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia's (the mother party of MODOM, DOM/HOME) two MPs: Maja Morachanin and Ljiljana Popovska. The MPs talked about their current work with respect to forming Macedonia's first LGBTQI+ Working Group in Parliament and their first steps towards criminalising discrimination against these groups.

YGEW hope to invite a delegation of MODOM to the UK during during the Autumn Green Party Conference.

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