Wirral Councillor Jo Bird joins Green Party

‘We share a commitment to social and environmental justice': In a key moment for the Wirral Greens, councillor Jo Bird has joined the Green Party.

Wirral Green Party Councillors

Wirral Green Party Councillors including Jo Bird (second from right)

Green World

Popular Wirral councillor Jo Bird has joined the Green Party in a key moment for Wirral Greens. She is now the Green councillor for Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry.

At the local council elections in May 2021, Jo was re-elected with a huge 61 per cent of the vote. She says: “I stood to promote justice and equality, protect lives and livelihoods, enhance jobs, services and our environment, and oppose cruel cuts. But Labour and Conservative councillors have just voted for cuts to frontline council services. Only the Green councillors voted for my budget proposals to save Wirral libraries and leisure facilities.”

“I have become a Green Councillor because the Green Party is better for Bromborough and better for me. The Greens are doing excellent work for Wirral people all year round and we share a commitment to social and environmental justice. 

“Wirral’s Green councillors are working together to promote public services, road safety, cleaner air, healthier communities, insulated affordable homes, responsible pension investments and more.

“I’m delighted by the warm welcome from my new colleagues. Wirral Greens treat people fairly. I now hope to stand for re-election as a Green councillor for Bromborough next year in May 2023.

“I come from a long tradition of Jewish eco-socialists, passionate about social and environmental justice and fighting all forms of racism. My grandads fought fascism in Europe as soldiers in the British Army. 90 years ago, my great-uncle helped organise hundreds of young workers on the Kinder Scout mass trespass leading to the right to roam and national parks for all to enjoy. 

“I’ve lived and worked with democratic co-operative businesses across Northern England and Northern Ireland. I first met Caroline Lucas in Jerusalem 20 years ago, while I was helping to develop fair trade, organic olive oil with Palestinian co-operative farmers.

“I also was encouraged to join the Green Party by the inclusive commitment I share with Jewish Greens.” 

Jewish Greens provide a Jewish voice within a Green Party united against all forms of racism, including antisemitism, and in support of a welcoming, human rights-based approach to both policy and practice. They do not offer a single position on the topics of antisemitism, Israel-Palestine or Zionism, and instead seek to provide a range of opinions. 

Josh Alston, Jewish Greens Chair added: “We are delighted to welcome Jo to the Party. Jewish Greens officers have already met and started a dialogue with Jo, and were impressed by her commitment to listening to a range of voices on antisemitism and working with Jewish communities in her role as councillor. We are looking forward to working with her in the future.”

Cllr Pat Cleary, leader of the now six-strong Green group on Wirral Council also commented: “I’m absolutely over the moon to have a councillor of Jo Bird’s quality on board. It shows the strength of the Green Party that we can attract someone of her calibre. Jo is one of the most principled and hardest working councillors, this takes us to a new level. Passionate, effective, hard-working people like Jo are very welcome in the Green Party. I’m delighted that people in Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry will continue to be represented by Jo as their Green councillor.” 

The political make-up of Wirral Council now includes: Labour (27), Conservative (23), Green (6), Lib Dem (6). This means no party has a majority and all decisions need the backing of at least two parties.