What happens next?

Green Party Chief Executive Mary Clegg outlines what the next weeks and months will hold for party staff.

Amelia and Ria Croydon Greens

Photo: Amelia Womack

Deputy Leader Amelia Womack with members of the Croydon Green Party

Mary Clegg

I know you join me in being very proud of our electoral success this May. For the third set of elections in a row, we have demonstrated what our clear campaign strategy can deliver, with nearly 550 Green Councillors getting our policies delivered across England and Wales.  

As we emerge out of the glare of the 2022 Local Election, the obvious question is now ‘what next?’ What as a staff team do we DO between local election campaigns?

Well, there are a number of things: we’ll soon be into the Annual Ballot for the Green Party Executive, and, with great sadness, seeking a replacement for Amelia Womack as Deputy Leader. And there is the week-in, week-out work of amplifying the impact of our elected Greens in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and across the 167 Councils on which we now have Green representatives. There’s answering the queries you raise with us as members and making sure Action Network does what’s needed for local parties. Not to mention Electoral Commission returns and VAT returns. 

But key from this moment forward will be focusing on the next General Election. We’ve been clear in our ambitions as set out in the Political Strategy, but delivering these will need activity at every level of the party and from every member, as well as every staff member.

Over the next weeks and months as a team we will be:

  1. Delivering the campaign in key seats, with dedicated campaign managers working with our candidates and key local activists to build the ground campaign.
  2. Building national vote share through consistent messaging and credible conversations in the media, through our leaders and spokespeople supported by the Communication team.
  3. Fundraising – if we want more MPs, we need to invest in capacity, in constituencies, in building our activist base and in our party infrastructure. We’ll be focusing our fundraising over the next one to two years on making sure we are fit and ready to fight that general election and win.

So how can you help us?

There are roles to play in this campaign for every type of member, no matter how little time you have to support the party. I’ll be writing more about what we ask of you over the coming weeks but for now, here are some headlines:

Campaign on the ground – there will be a number of planned action days over the coming months. Please consider coming along. Truly, many hands make light work. And if you are close to a constituency, even if you have just an hour a fortnight, please sign up.

Talk to your friends and family about joining the party – your enthusiasm will draw other people to us. The more members we have, the more activists we have to campaign!

Help the party get focused – when you are voting for representatives, for the executive and for Regional Council, keep in mind “how will this person help deliver the Green Party's political strategy to win more elections?"