Walking With Nature: Music to inspire change

Climate change is on everybody’s lips, but the enormity of the challenge can leave people at a loss over what they can do to stop it. Composer Penny Squire has written a brass quintet called ‘Walking With Nature’ that seeks to inspire listeners with hope to take action over climate change.

Walking With Nature cover
Walking With Nature cover
Green World

The enormity of the climate emergency and what it means for life on Earth can be near impossible to fathom. It is hard to know where to even begin to form a response to such an existential threat. 

Some run for public office to advance green policies, some make sustainable consumer choices, some take direct action to protest inaction on the defining issue of our time. As for others, they make art as a way to process intense emotional responses to the climate emergency and inspire others anxious about the fate of the planet to take action. Penny Squire is one of those people.

Releasing her second 14-minute musical composition based on climate change, ‘Walking With Nature’, Squire’s work looks at what humans can do to help avert climate catastrophe. 

‘Walking With Nature’ is the second composition in Squire’s Beautiful Earth trilogy, following last year’s ‘Troubled Planet’, which sought to communicate people’s emotional responses to climate change.

The piece, a brass quintet played by Blackweir Brass over archive film footage from Greenpeace, takes the listener through five movements: Careless Footprints, Get In Step, Walk As One, Tread Lightly and Take Big Strides.

Commenting on the composition, Squire said: “‘Walking With Nature’ is the second piece in a trilogy about climate change. The first piece, ‘Troubled Planet’, concentrated on the devastation we have caused and our feelings connected with it, finishing on a note of hope. 

“‘Walking With Nature’ takes things one step further. The first movement describes several issues that need thinking about. The following movements follow through to give an encouraging look at what other people are doing, and motivate us to think how we can adapt them into our own lives.

“I think we all need hope, tempered with a determination that we’re going to succeed. The music, together with the film, aims to inspire us all to see that we can change our lives and what we each do is important.” 

‘Walking With Nature’ is available in full on Youtube and more information on Penny Squire’s music is available on her personal website.