Wales: Anthony Slaughter

Anthony Slaughter is the Green Party's lead MEP candidate for Wales in the 2019 European elections.

Headshot of Green MEP candidate for Wales Anthony Slaughter
Anthony Slaughter


Above all, people should vote Green for our real, and longstanding policies to tackle the climate crisis. A strong Green voice in the EU has never been more vital.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have lived in Penarth, just outside Cardiff for 15 years where I work as a garden designer. I was elected Wales Green Party Leader / Spokesperson in December 2018, having previously served as Deputy Leader in 2014 and 2015. I have been an active WGP member and campaigner for several years both locally, in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, and nationally across Wales.

Alongside campaigning for the Green Party, I have had a long engagement with local community based environmental organisation Gwyrddio Penarth Greening. This engagement has involved various campaigns (20’s Plenty, Plastic Free Communities) and practical grassroots community projects, including the planting and maintenance of the GPG Community Orchard, to help build a more resilient and sustainable local community.

Why did you decide to stand as an MEP this year?

I feel that these elections have come at a crucial time, both for establishing our future role within Europe and taking the urgent action needed to tackle the climate emergency, and I want to use my position as Spokesperson in Wales to raise the profile of the Green Party and get our vital message heard in the Welsh media and in our communities.

How has campaigning been so far? What level of enthusiasm are you seeing for these elections?

Campaigning has been positive. People have been pleased to hear from us with many keen to discuss both climate change and the effects of austerity, and a growing recognition that the Greens have the plans and policies for tackling these issues. There is a very clear divide between those who welcome this opportunity to express their feelings by voting in these elections and others frustrated by what they see as a broken political system.

What is it like campaigning to be an MEP when it’s not clear that UK MEPs will take their seats in the European Parliament?

The campaign has felt different from any other, especially with the noticeable lack of engagement from the two major parties on the ground, and the obvious cynicism from those who feel the elections shouldn’t be taking place. On the other hand, many people are very pleased that these elections are going ahead and believe strongly that our elected MEPs will be taking their seats.

Why should people vote Green in the European elections?

People should vote Green for our firm commitment to doing all we can to remain in the EU, and also our recognition of the issues that led to the Brexit vote and our policies for tackling these challenges.

People should vote Green to help us create a fairer and more equal society and to help us build a more inclusive and welcoming Europe.

Above all, people should vote Green for our real, and longstanding policies to tackle the climate crisis. A strong Green voice in the EU has never been more vital.

If elected, what would your priorities be for your region on the European stage?

I would be a strong Green voice for Wales in Europe. Priorities would include doing everything possible to push the potential revolution in renewable energy that Wales, a nation with fantastic natural resources, so desperately needs.

Creating a sustainable framework for our agricultural sector would also be key, helping farmers to adapt to the changes and challenges of the 21st century.

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