Shaking up the Senedd in Wales

Wales Green Party prepares for May's elections

Dan Boyle
Mon 11 Apr 2016

Now it's getting real. After months of preparations, choosing candidates, defining policies, meetings and strategising, drafting and printing leaflets, and devising broadcasts, we are now only weeks away from an election that we believe will see the first Green AMs being elected to the National Assembly for Wales.

Circumstances have brought us a new leader, Alice Hooker-Stroud, the youngest such leader in the country, and a Welsh language speaker whose presence is helping the Wales Green Party be seen in a different light.

We have quality candidates. They come with a great mix of experience and enthusiasm, and they are people who, if elected, will 'Shake Up The Senedd'.

We have battled hard to secure our place at the table to have our voice heard at leaders' television debates. We are taking our message to many more people than ever before.

We will meet our goals, but it will require a huge amount of effort. That effort will be made, but we would appreciate offers of help of whatever extent and from wherever it can be found.

Greens throughout the UK will not be without political distraction this May. If there are Green Party members or supporters with any spare capacity, come to Wales and visit us. Some have, others can, more will be welcomed.

If you can't physically be with us, give your support in a virtual way. Keyboard warriors on social media are vitally important. If you can spare a pound or two, that too would be valued. We all know how expensive elections can be.

In this election, the Wales Green Party offers a clear, positive alternative to more of the same politics and a clear contrast from the purple-headed monster that has debased politics in the UK.

The National Assembly for Wales is the last national parliament or assembly on these islands not to have a Green representative. After 5 May, we will not speak of that again because it will no longer be true.

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