Rashid Nix

Local party: Lambeth Green Party

Position standing for: Deputy Leader

Rashid Nix
Thu 2 Aug 2018

Over the last couple of years, we’ve lost 25,000 members (one third of our membership). Many have defected to Labour on the back of Corbynmania whilst others have retreated completely from politics as they feel it's a dead-end game built around naked personal ambition and slick political double-speak! I totally get that perspective, so it’s important we attract new members and reconnect disgruntled ex-members by becoming the party of action.

Rashid Nix

I stand for change within the party that represents change. If the Greens are the political alternative to the current mainstream, then I represent the ‘alternatives alternative’. My party role over the past couple of years has been BME Equalities spokesperson, which I found to be enjoyable and challenging.

My political groundings were formed in the cauldron of race equality, education and housing regeneration schemes that destroyed working class communities.

Our Green uniqueness is important, but it is equally important that we reach out to communities and individuals that have never considered going Green, but are facing issues that are crying out for innovative Green solutions.

For example, 9,500 citizens die annually in the nation’s capital because of poor air quality. We should shout louder on behalf of those affected.

The legalisation of cannabis, renewable energy and social housing are also areas where we need to highlight our perspective. However, Green policies are as vital to the countryside as they are to the cities.

But people are understandably feeling very cynical about politics and politicians- from Brexit to airport expansion – there has been a purposeful blurring of what the real issues are

A look across the global political scene shows that we stand on the brink of a political and environmental abyss. Right-wing populism is on the rise as demagogues masquerading as leaders target society’s most vulnerable by using the tactic of scaremongering. Never has it been more critical that our Green voice is heard, loudly and clearly.

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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