Pete Kennedy announced as Stroud parliamentary candidate

Kennedy advises the Green Party on legislation and procedure and has been involved in some of the biggest fights against government legislation.

Pete Kennedy and crowd
Green World

Pete Kennedy has been selected as the next Green Party candidate for Stroud District. The selection process allows all local members to nominate and vote for their preferred candidate who will run in the next general election. 

The Greens have been part of the ruling alliance on Stroud District Council for 10 years as well as being the largest party on Stroud Town Council. The Party aims to build on this support ahead of the next general election, forecast for 2025.

Kennedy has worked for the Green Party for more than five years in a variety of roles. This has included a parliamentary advisory role dealing with legislation and procedure, taking part in campaigns against government legislation such as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022. Locally, he is an advisor to the Green Group of councillors on Stroud District Council.

Inspired by Caroline Lucas’ election as the first ever Green Member of Parliament, Kennedy joined the Party in 2011. He was drawn to the Party’s policies for a sustainable and fair society and has been involved in campaigns to oppose austerity cuts to public services, fighting plans for fracking, and protecting pubs as community assets. Outside of politics, he has worked with a mental health charity and as a warm homes officer for a local authority. 

Kennedy currently resides in Chalford with his partner, Charli, and their baby daughter, Summer. He studied Economics and Politics at the University of Sheffield with a focus on environmental economics and sustainability. This led to a concern for the reliance of the economy on cheap fossil fuels and how this puts a risk on everyday life. Following this, Kennedy went on to study law part-time, qualifying as a barrister in November 2021. 

Kennedy said: “I’m excited to begin our campaign and build on the Green Party’s long history of making a difference in Stroud. 

“The current cost of living crisis proves that the economic system is broken. Billionaires and bankers have extracted wealth from our communities and public sector, aided and abetted by both Labour and Conservative governments. 

“We live in inefficient homes that cost too much to run; we are heavily dependent on fossil fuels and polluting industries; and we struggle with expensive and unreliable public transport that doesn’t meet our needs. The good news is that the Green solutions to all these problems will create many new well-paying jobs and training opportunities”. 

Lynn Haanen, Stroud District Green Party coordinator, said: “Pete is a really great candidate; it will be brilliant to have a young MP who already has experience in parliament and is part of the millennial generation. Alongside all his other attributes, Pete lives locally so knows and cares about Stroud constituency.

“Because the Green Party does not impose candidates on local parties, our members in and around Stroud were free to choose the candidate they wanted, and Pete was the unanimous choice. Greens know that we need to work with other parties to create the future we all need, and are committed to making this happen."