Peace, security and defence: opinion and policy

The PSD Working Group is calling for members to share their views on party policy. Debra Cooper outlines the rationale behind potential policy changes.

Hands raised in a crowd
Hands raised in a crowd
Debra Cooper

Our Peace, Security and Defence (PSD) policy is intertwined with our identity as a peace-promoting party which has long argued for nuclear disarmament and a less militaristic approach to enhancing international and national peace and harmony. 

Our membership has dramatically increased and we now have several hundred Green councillors in England and Wales, one Green Member of Parliament and two Green Members of the House of Lords. We are actively campaigning to establish more MPs in Westminster and MSs in the Senedd. 

Our updated PSD policy must be robust. It is crucial that our policy stands up to the rigour of scrutiny and questioning from all sides of the political spectrum, by our members and by the voting public. It has to maintain our integrity and values as the Green Party, while at the same time being seen as a viable and preferable alternative to the defence policies and decision-making of previous Labour and Conservative governments. 

In the 21st Century, PSD policy has to address both the effects of how climate change will destabilise countries around the world, and how we work with humanity on a local, national and international basis. It has to set out clear aims for the continuing purposes of the British Military Services, and have a clear rationale for how Britain supports those in conflict around the globe.

A critical element of securing our aim for a more peaceful planet is how we view and create current and future alliances and allegiances with countries around the world. As a democratic party we want to hear your views in order to create a PSD policy that truly represents the views of Green Party members.

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A plea from the heart

In a time of turbulence around the globe, and in Britain, with the multiple threats that we face, it is vital that as a Green Party we reach a consensus agreement on which the majority of us as Green members can agree in order to pass this PSD policy at Conference.

The concept of creating peace where there is conflict is challenging, and it is likely that there will be a diversity of opinion within our party regarding the details contained in this policy.

This policy cuts to the heart of why I chose to be a Green Party member. As a member of the PSD Working Group on this policy, I have listened to all views. Some views I agree with. Some views I do not agree with. If you are like me, then when reading this updated policy, you will feel emotional turmoil and discomfort. It is likely that you will disagree with some parts of it. 

What is vital is that you speak now, so that we can hear your voice. 

It is equally vital that you hear the voices of others within our party, and support us when we present this policy at Conference by accepting this policy.

Our Green political representatives must be able to quote from policies that justify and increase our elected positions, and can bring about the world in which we wish to live.

The PSD Working Group will strive to create a policy that represents a majority and consensus decisions of the members within our party.