Party condemns ‘shameful’ government legacy of destitution

The Green Party has condemned the ‘shameful’ government legacy of destitution and is calling for the scrapping of the two-child benefit cap and the introduction of a wealth tax to tackle the ‘inequality crisis’.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Destitution in the UK 2023
Joseph Rowntree Foundation Destitution in the UK 2023
Green World

Following the publication of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s report into destitution in the UK, the Green Party is calling for reform to Universal Credit, scrapping the two-child benefit cap and the introduction of a wealth tax. 

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: “Thirteen years of Tory government has resulted in a catalogue of social, environmental and economic wreckage. And there can be no worse legacy than leaving almost four million people in destitution – a quarter of them children. This is an utterly shameful record for the sixth-largest economy in the world and reveals that the UK faces a deep inequality crisis.   

“But Labour is also failing to address inequality or offer hope to those struggling to meet their essential needs. Research shows that the two-child benefit cap impacts around 1.5 million children and their failure to commit to scrapping the policy leaves thousands of families impoverished. Likewise, their refusal to back a wealth tax will allow inequality to continue unchecked.  

“Only the Greens offer the bold common-sense policies to transform our economy and people’s lives. We have long called for restoring the £20 Covid uplift to Universal Credit and doubling it to £40 per week, with equivalent increases for those on legacy benefits. This would raise the current rate from £85 per week to £125. 

“The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is right: every family needs to be protected and to be able to afford essentials such as food and household bills. Ultimately, the Green Party supports the introduction of a no-strings-attached Universal Basic Income, funded through a more progressive tax system, including a wealth tax on the super-rich.”