Obituary: Charlie Kiss 1965-2022

"He left the world a better place": Remembering Charlie Kiss, a trailblazing parliamentary candidate and tireless advocate for unions, peace, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Charlie Kiss

Image: Islington Green Party Twitter

Green World

The Green Party of England and Wales was saddened to hear of the death of Charlie Kiss in June. 

He made history in 2015, as the first trans man to stand for election as an MP, when he stood in Islington South for the Green Party. Charlie won a record eight per cent of the vote.  

Charlie made no secret of his trans status while campaigning. “I thought it was better to be upfront about it, so I explained that I had transitioned from female to male on all the election leaflets that were delivered,” he said at the time. “LGBT struggles are close to my heart, and I will always support equality for all.” 

But standing for Parliament was just one example of a lifetime of activism and campaigning.  

This included work in the anti-nuclear movement (which led to two jail terms in Holloway Prison) and working for better conditions for workers, especially in the printing industry. 

Charlie wrote about his life in a remarkable book, A New Man, which documented his political activism as well as his realisation in his early 30s that he was transgender.  

Green councillor Benali Hamdache spoke warmly of Charlie’s achievements. “He really inspired me – and since his death, so many people have shared their heart-warming recollections of Charlie. He is one of those rare people who left the world a better place.  

“He was so hard-working – but he was also considerate to volunteers and workers, as well as having a great laugh."

Caroline Russell, London Assembly member and Green councillor, worked alongside Charlie on two Green election campaigns in Islington.

"He was committed, motivated and so determined to make the world a more peaceful, fair and inclusive place and to ensure our local party lived up to those ideals. 

"I learned so much from campaigning alongside him and will forever be grateful for his contribution to our party, both locally in Islington and nationally where he organised a powerful fringe session for conference looking at gender diversity and the discrimination faced by trans, intersex and gender diverse people.”