Norwich Greens' river clean-up

Here's what happened when the Norwich Green Party got together with the local community for a river clean-up

Peter Cutting

Norwich Green Party got together with the local community to clear litter from the River Wensum in Norwich on Saturday 14 April. The rubbish collection took place along about a mile of the river, with volunteers collecting litter from the banks as well as by canoe from the river itself. We provided a full safety briefing and gloves, bags and litter pickers. We got great support from Pub & Paddle, RiverCare and the Norfolk Broads Authority. Local media were interested and we featured both before and after the event on local radio, TV and in the press.

Former Thorpe Hamlet Green Councillor Lesley Grahame said: "Plastics and other rubbish thrown into the river are part of the massive global contamination problem that's so damaging to fish stocks and other marine life. We believe that building the sort of communities that are prepared to deal with the rubbish themselves will put additional pressure on governments to reduce this scourge at source. A litter pick like this o ers everyone a chance to take part in local action on a global issue"?.

The river clean-up is part of a larger Norwich Green Party campaign to reduce the amount of plastic we use and throw away. This is the second successful event of this kind we've organised and, in a couple of hours, 36 people collected over 30 big sacks of rubbish from in the river and along the banks. A wide range of people took part, with all considering it
a very worthwhile event, both in raising people's awareness of the problem and in showing that the Green Party is willing to take an active role in improving the local environment.

We are running another similar event on Saturday 30 June and all are welcome to join.

Anyone interested in any aspect of this event is welcome to contact Peter Cutting at