Nominations open for new Green Party leadership

The election process for the next generation of Green Party leadership has begun today, with candidates set to declare their intention to run within the next three weeks.

Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley standing at green podiums
Green World

The election process for the next leader or co-leaders of the Green Party has begun today. 

Nominations opened this morning, with candidates having three weeks to declare their intention to run.

In line with the party’s constitution, individuals can put themselves forward or two people can stand together in a bid to be co-leaders.

Members will have the opportunity to vote for their next generation of leadership from 31 August, until the ballot closes on 21 September. Results are set to be announced soon after.

This follows co-leader Jonathan Bartley’s decision to step down from party leadership, stating that he wished to spend more time working on building progressive alliances in UK politics.

Commenting on the upcoming election, Bartley said: “I am so proud of the democratic nature of our party and the leadership vote is a big part of that. 

“I’d like to see as many members as possible engaged in this process because this is the person or people who are going to take us a significant way towards the next General Election where we are focused on increasing our representation in Parliament.

“We’ve shown ourselves to be a credible political force and I’m so excited to see who our members choose to lead us to the next stage. 

“I feel confident there are going to be some fantastic candidates making up our new generation of leaders.”

Upon the news of Bartley’s resignation, many have come forward to confirm or deny their candidacy in the by-election. 

Rosi Sexton, who stood as a candidate in the 2020 leadership elections, has announced that she will not be standing, with several other previous candidates yet to come forward.

Earlier this month, Siân Berry announced her withdrawal from the upcoming election, on the grounds of ‘inconsistency between [her] sincere promise to fight for trans rights and inclusion' and 'the message sent by the party's choice of front-bench representatives'.

Bartley will remain in place until 1 August, with Berry set to take over as acting leader until the outcome of the election is known.