MEPs launch 10-point plan to protect the climate

From cracking down on corporate tax evasion to investing in sustainable public transport and divesting from fossil fuels, the Greens/European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament has published a 10-point plan to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change once and for all.

Green World

To coordinate with a speech by climate activist Greta Thunberg in the European Parliament, the Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA) group has launched its 10 priority measures to protect the climate. The group is calling for the EU to raise its 2030 climate target to at least 60 per cent greenhouse gas emissions reduction, from the current target of 40 per cent.

The Greens/EFA group is made up of Green MEPs, Independent MEPs and MEPs of stateless nations (such as Catalonia and Galicia). Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West of England, explained: “It’s not enough to simply champion climate activists like Greta Thunberg; as policy makers we must follow their example. The IPCC report tells us we have less than twelve years to solve this problem so the time for platitudes is long over.

“The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament have proposed a bold ten point plan to radically reduce CO2 emissions and shift Europe to 100 per cent renewable energy within a generation. We want Europe to stop subsidising fossil fuels, to support a just transition and to completely rethink our energy and agricultural sectors.”

Scott Cato added: “With Brexit dominating so much of the discourse back home, British MEPs have a duty to take the lead on the fundamental crisis of our times."

10 priority measures to protect the climate

  1. Stop subsidising climate change – divest from fossil fuels.

  2. Climate-proof all investments in the EU now – make sure all euros invested go to sustainable projects.

  3. Put a fair price on carbon – ensure that the biggest polluters start to pay their share towards fighting climate change.

  4. Deliver tax justice – tackle large-scale tax avoidance to shift the economic burden of fighting climate change away from citizens.

  5. Support a just transition – mitigate social and economic hardship that may occur during the transition to a green economy.

  6. Sustainable mobility – fewer planes, more trains.

  7. Make citizens and communities part of the energy revolution – invest massively in the deployment of renewable energy and enable citizens to produce their own energy.

  8. Agriculture and land use – fund farms not factories and protect biodiversity.

  9. Resource efficiency and circular economy – become fully circular and resource sufficient by 2050.

  10. Make all EU trade deals ‘Paris-proof’ and deliver climate justice worldwide – make future and present EU trade agreements compatible with the Paris Agreement through mandatory provisions, so that they do not undercut climate objectives but contribute positively to global solidarity and climate justice.

The group has also published a document setting out financial measures that would support the transition to a green economy, stating: ‘Ten years ago, in the European Union five trillion euro of public financial support was rapidly approved for a bloated and fragile financial system with little or no conditions or reforms required from financial institutions. We have the money, it is just that we need to direct it towards climate action.”

You can read the report, ‘How to find and spend money for saving our planet’, on the Greens/EFA website, and more information about the group and its activities can be found here.