Local council elections 2022: Green gains across the country

There are ‘no safe seats’ as the Green Party takes positions from Conservatives and Labour across England, from South Tyneside to Worcester, and from Exeter to the Wirral.

Greens gathered with placards
Green World

As of 10 pm 6 May, the Green Party has won 121 seats with a net gain of 75 seats.

The Green Party is celebrating another year of breakthrough results in the local council elections, with gains made from Labour and the Conservatives all across the country, including unprecedented breakthroughs on formerly ‘safe seats’.

Green gains are continuing to see the party emerge as the credible alternative to the other major English parties, with voters looking for trustworthy, hard-working representatives with a common-sense approach to supporting people through the cost of living crisis.

Early on, results in South Tyneside showed the Greens doubling their seats to become the second-largest party on the council and the main opposition party to Labour. In Worcester, the Green campaign pushed the Conservative-dominated council into No Overall Control, leaving the Greens with greater ability to influence council decision making to benefit residents. 

Greens also broke through with victories on new councils, including gaining their first-ever councillor in Plymouth and on the newly-created Cumberland Council.

With more councils due to declare today, the Greens are predicting even more gains across the country.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: “The phenomenal results for the Green Party so far demonstrate that people up and down the country are looking for a credible alternative to the establishment parties, and finding it in us. 

“Whether that’s former Conservative voters put off by poor handling of the Covid pandemic or the constant leadership lies, or former Labour voters who just see weak opposition at a national and local level. 

“Greens are putting forward the practical solutions to the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency that will make a difference in people’s lives, from insulating homes to bringing down energy bills and creating jobs, to providing additional financial support for those on the lowest incomes. 

“The Green Party has now made breakthrough gains three elections running and we are expecting that trajectory to continue as people increasingly vote for candidates who listen, work hard on local issues, and are serious about the climate emergency."