Leslie Rowe

Local party: Richmond (Yorkshire) Green Party

Position standing for: Leader

Leslie Rowe
Thu 2 Aug 2018

Leslie Rowe was Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Richmond (Yorkshire) in 2005, 2010 and 2015 and Yorkshire European candidate in 2009. He was formerly the Honorary Treasurer of the Yorkshire and Humber Green Party, Richmond (Yorkshire) Green Party and the campaigning group "Green Leaves". He served on Brompton on Swale parish council from 2009 to 2013 and was Deputy Chair from 2012 to 2013.

Leslie grew up in Lincolnshire and qualified as an accountant in London. He worked for a media group and in the City of London before going into the charity sector. Leslie obtained an MBA from Oxford Brookes University. His charity work included assisting "Fair Trade" organisations, Shelter, the National Eczema Society and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Leslie Rowe

He now lives near Richmond in North Yorkshire and is married with three children.

His manifesto is simple.

The Green Party should honour the commitment it made at the general election in 2015 to respect the result of the EU referendum.

The Green Party should be true to its commitment (policy EU100) "to replace the unsustainable economics of free trade and unrestricted growth with the ecological alternative of local self reliance and resource conservation."

That means rejecting ALL free trade agreements, including the Single Market.

As recommended by numerous climate change conferences, the UK should adopt a de-growth economic strategy.

This means taxing luxury imports and having effective measures to counter tax avoidance to fund better social services and the NHS.

This would also help address the massive and unsustainable UK balance of trade deficit.

Re-nationalising the NHS, transport, utilities (including water) and financially supporting conservation and local, green and community production of food, goods and services.

Rejecting the austerity, privatisation and restrictions on organised labour imposed by the EU on Greece and other member countries.

Contact details: leslie.rowe@greenparty.org.uk; Twitter @lesliearowe; Reddit: u/leslierowe

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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