Lead your next local election campaign with the Green Party Campaign Academy

Campaign Academy is an online training course run by the Green Party Field Team, running from 3-6 December 2020.

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Campaign Academy is an online training course from the Green Party Field Team, designed to empower you to lead a local election campaign to win seats at your next local election. 

Applications are open now until 11am on 10 November for up to 30 places on Campaign Academy, which runs from 3-6 December 2020. 

The course is open to all Green Party members, and the Green Party particularly encourages women, non-binary members, members of colour, disabled members, neurodivergent members and LGBTQIA+ members to apply. 

The course is funded by the Green Party of England and Wales, therefore is free for applicants.

Elaine Francis, Campaign Manager of South Tyneside Green Party, said:  “The Green Party’s training is transformational – I attended Campaign School in 2018. It gave me the skills and knowledge to run a successful campaign, and as a result we had our first councillor elected in South Tyneside last year.”

Campaign Academy is an evolution of the Green Party’s former Campaign School, 4 in 5 graduates of which went on to help their local party to win seats at the next local election. 

The online training will run from the evening of 3 December to the morning of 6 December, followed by six months of coaching, support and practical application, with trainees completing the Green Party Accredited Campaign Qualification after running their own campaign in the 2021 Elections.

If you have any questions about applying, contact the Campaign Academy team at: campaignacademy@greenparty.org.uk.