Lauren James

Role: Deputy leader/spokesperson

Lauren James
Lauren James

It’s been a pleasure to serve you for the last 18 months as your deputy leader. This year saw us break records all over Wales in the Senedd elections, more than doubling our votes in South Wales East, where I was a candidate. I’ve fought passionately for social justice and was an integral part of UBI Lab Wales’s Senedd campaign which saw the Welsh Government commit to a trial of Universal Basic Income, as well as co-founding a UBI Lab in Newport. Diversity and inclusion have been at the heart of my tenure, whether it’s been empowering marginalised voices, campaigning for domestic violence and homelessness provision for the LGBTIQA+ community in Wales, or creating a new Diversity and Inclusion Officer post on Wales Green Party Council to make this party a more inclusive place for everyone.

We are on an upward trajectory. From Scotland to New Zealand, we’ve seen that getting elected Greens in the room makes all the difference - for our planet and for the people who live there. This next term is crucial in laying the groundwork for success at every level.

Here’s my plan for the next two years.

Inspire people to vote, join and act

  • Use my experience with the press to communicate our bold vision for a Green Future to the press with confidence
  • Work cross-party with NGOs and campaign groups to fight for the Wales we want
  • Collaborate with Wales Green Party Council and relevant teams in GPEW to increase our membership by at least 20 per cent

Empower marginalised voices within the party

  • Be a bold and unapologetic voice for trans rights
  • Ensure every space in which I have power is a safe space for all
  • Work with the Wales Green Party Council to ensure a safe environment in which to work
  • Establish a fund to remove financial barriers that marginalised groups face in being part of the party at every level

Win council seats and lay the groundwork for the Senedd elections

  • Work with local parties to build from the grassroots, ensuring every local party in Wales has access to support not just on Target To Win, but on managing local parties and officer development
  • Ensure Greens are elected across Wales in 2022
  • Promote training and mentorship opportunities for key activists

I hope to continue my work in building a successful and inspiring Wales Green Party as your deputy leader. Together we’ll inspire, empower and win. Vote for me, Lauren James, as your first preference.