Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry

Local parties: Lambeth Green Party & Camden Green Party

Positions standing for: Co-leaders

Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry

This election is about choosing the best team to build on the Green Party’s success in setting the agenda and in recent local elections. It’s about which team has the ideas and election-winning, change-making track record to keep the party moving on up.

Having two Co-leaders has worked. Co-leadership embodies Green values – cooperative, collaborative, empowering – and demonstrates what makes the Greens different. Over the past two years, while Caroline Lucas has been in Parliament pushing our radical agenda, Jonathan has been up and down the country, side-by-side with campaigners.

Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry

We are not just a political party: we are a movement. And the two of us, other elected Greens, and members working to win seats, are not just politicians: we are campaigners. We speak out when others don’t. We take risks to stand up for our values. We do politics differently. As your Co-leader candidates, we stand for:

Brighter Green ideas

We’ll search out and promote your best new ideas, make sure our political strategy can win seats from all the other parties, and be the strongest voice on the biggest issues, from Brexit to human rights to climate change.

Fiercer Green resistance

We’ll boost support for Greens driving grassroots campaigns and stand with members who put themselves on the line.

Wider Green impact

We’ll expand access to our fantastic training programmes, and mentor and bring forward the next generation of leaders and spokespeople.

Bigger Green successes

We’ll resource local parties to gain bigger swings and victories in by-elections, and prepare Greens across England and Wales for our next big test – the 2019 council elections.

Our pledges are more than just words. We've both run campaigns that have achieved against the odds and delivered success. Read more about our detailed plan for leadership at

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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