House of Lords nominee candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for Green Party’s House of Lords nominee explain why party members should vote for them to be the party’s candidate to enter the House of Lords.

GPEW candidates House of Lords 2020
GPEW candidates House of Lords 2020
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Amelia Womack

I am proud that you have elected me for three terms as your deputy leader, to represent the Green Party on the national political stage. I’m asking you to put your faith in me again to be your powerful voice in the House of Lords.

I am proud that you have elected me for three terms as your deputy leader, to represent the Green Party on the national political stage. You have seen me consistently work with stateswoman-like dignity and resilience. I’m asking you to put your faith in me again to be your powerful voice in the House of Lords. 

Westminster needs representatives who take a scientific, evidence based approach to the future of the country. As a scientist with a BSc in Environmental Biology, MSc in Environmental Technology and professional experience in sustainability, I have the knowledge and understanding of complex environmental issues the House of Lords so desperately needs.

Around the world we have seen a seismic shift of younger women taking seats they don’t traditionally hold. Currently only 26 per cent of Lords are women and five per cent are under 50. As Greens, let’s select a Lord that represents an often forgotten generation in politics and be part of that change.

I have represented the Green Party on Parliamentary committees and worked cross party with Lords and MPs to deliver changes to policies on women’s rights. I have influenced national debate on key social and economic issues as co-chair of the People’s Assembly and as co-founder of Another Europe is Possible. 

My extensive media experience covers every major news channel, I have taken on Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil. I have had articles, comment pieces, interviews and quotes in the Guardian, the i Paper, New Statesman, Daily Telegraph, Vogue, and local papers. In 2019, I also wrote a column in the Independent.

We are vocally opposed to the injustices of an unelected upper chamber and I will use my presence in that house to stand up against every broken system, and campaign for the house to be abolished and have an elected second chamber.

GPEW candidates 2020 Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato

I am the candidate with the essential experience needed to join Jenny and Natalie in the House of Lords.

Our Green Party only has six people who are experienced legislators and with Caroline fully tied up in the House of Commons and Jean and Keith now retired, I am the candidate with the essential experience needed to join Jenny and Natalie in the House of Lords.

In 2014 I was elected the first Green Party MEP for South West England and was re-elected in 2019 with a record 18 per cent vote share. As MEP, I gained first-hand experience of the pressure and satisfaction of life as a parliamentarian. I was Vice-President of the 74-strong Green Group and played a leading role in Group work on banking and finance, fighting tax avoidance, climate change, renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, and a Green approach to trade. The cross-party working style of the European Parliament is the perfect preparation for the culture of the House of Lords.

As the Parliament’s rapporteur on Sustainable Finance I introduced this new agenda and built cross-party support for some radical measures to use financial tools to accelerate the transition to sustainability. I was invited to speak about this work on platforms ranging from German bankers’ conferences in Frankfurt and Dublin to a conference on Laudato Si’ at the Vatican.

During the last six years I have built up a strong network of media contacts and a reputation for tackling complex briefs and representing ‘the voice of reason’! I choose my words carefully to motivate and inspire others and use both evidence and humour to make my point.

I’ve admired what Jenny achieved as a lone peer and the contribution made more recently by Natalie. I have a good working relationship with both and would relish the opportunity to extend their work into areas where I have helped to enhance the Green Party’s standing as MEP, especially economics, tax and finance. 

GPEW candidates  2020 Andrew Cooper

Rupert Read

Deep down we all know that things will never be ‘normal’ again; I’ve dedicated my life to preparing for these emergencies” – Rupert Read’s pitch to Green Party members for why he should be selected for the upper house of Parliament.

This is the moment of last chance for humanity.

I’ve spent my life preparing for it.

From fighting road-building to fighting for animal rights, I’ve been a vocal proponent of Green values. Most recently, I’ve been the leading Green Party voice in Extinction Rebellion.

I have seven years elected experience as a Councillor in Norwich. Critically, I also have experience of navigating parliamentary procedures. I’ve provided expert briefings to parliamentarians, including on the precautionary principle and on post-growth thinking. The Lords like world-leading experts who can speak with authority.

And I have the communication skills needed to convey this expertise authoritatively. Debates in the Lords – like those on QuestionTime and with John Humphreys on the Today programme in which I’ve effectively turned the tables on critics – are particularly challenging.  

You can support my campaign by sharing my video and campaign-website, and, most importantly, by putting me down as your number 1 preference for the Lords. 

I already know my way around the upper House; I’ve drafted speeches and questions for my friend, Green Party peer Jenny Jones. 

There are other strong candidates who I consider friends and colleagues, but leading green campaigners believe I’m the candidate best placed to make sure your voice is heard:

  • George Monbiot: “Rupert Read would be a brilliant member of the Lords”.
  • Kate Raworth: "I strongly support Rupert Read as a Green Party candidate for the House of Lords”.
  • Jonathon Porritt: “I’m very happy to lend my support to Rupert’s candidacy. He would greatly enhance the presence of the Green Party in Parliament”.

I promise to be a fearless voice for Green ideas and values in Parliament – and far beyond. 

GPEW candidates  2020 Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

Send an elected Green politician with a track record of delivering Green policies to the unelected House of Lords.

I’m a Councillor. First elected 21 years ago to Kirklees Council elected and re-elected 6 times to the Newsome Ward, where we have won every local election since 1996. 

I am Green Party Energy Spokesperson and I’ve done many press, TV and radio interviews speaking on renewable energy, insulation standards and the folly of fossil fuels. 

I was a member of the EU Committee of the Regions for the last five years and through that an EU delegate to 4 of the most recent UN Climate talks. 

It would send a strong statement for the Green Party to send an elected politician to the unelected House of Lords. I represent a constituency I can speak with authority and authenticity about the impact of Government policies on local people, just like an MP can.

I proposed a policy effectively banning fracking in our Local Plan by establishing that any Application to Frack would have to demonstrate how it would have net zero impact on climate change. This approved policy set a precedent for all Councils around the country. 

I’ve influenced global policy by getting a stronger focus on local climate action at the UN Climate Talks by forging alliances with local and regional governments internationally.  

This feels like the right time for me. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this role 20 years ago without all the experience I’ve gained being an elected politician. It gives me more legitimacy in a chamber with a dubious legitimacy.  

Pushing Government to produce an action plan to deliver a climate action plan to deliver a zero carbon economy by 2030 would be my principal purpose in Parliament.

So please support me Andrew Cooper as your first choice on the House of Lords ordered list.

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Voting for the GPEW internal elections for leadership positions and the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will run until 31 August. If you are a GPEW member, you can cast your vote on the GPEW members’ site.