Historic election for Scottish Greens

The Scottish Greens saw record gains in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands last week, with a total of 35 councillors elected.

Scottish Greens

Photo: Edinburgh Greens

Green World

In the local council elections on 5 May, the Scottish Greens saw gains of 16 seats, with a total of 35 councillors elected.

A host of new councillors were elected in areas with no prior Green representation, and where the party already had councillors, further breakthroughs were made. Record gains were secured in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Highlands.

Co-leader of the Scottish Greens Lorna Slater commented: “Last week’s election was a historic one for the Scottish Greens. It saw us breaking new ground and securing a record number of councillors. It was a breakthrough for us in many areas, with seven local authorities electing their first-ever Green councillors. 

“In the areas where we already had councillors we made notable gains, showing that people recognise the crucial work that they are doing on the ground and in their communities. 

“Every Green vote was a vote to support local services and invest in public transport and our environment. They were votes for less pollution, cleaner air and to ensure that the wellbeing of people and the planet are at the heart of everything we do.

“It is also a reflection on the success we have had in Holyrood. With Greens in government, we have turned words into action and delivered real change, such as free bus travel for young people and record investment in wildlife, nature and recycling.”

On Twitter, the party celebrated their victories: