Greens call for MP consent lessons

The Green Party has called for MPs to take regular consent classes in light of sexual harassment claims

Green World
Fri 1 Dec 2017

The Green Party is calling for all MPs to be sent to regular consent classes in light of the multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations made in Westminster.

At the start of November, Co-Leader Caroline Lucas called for ongoing, compulsory training for MPs, focusing on consent, appropriate language and professional boundaries, while also stating that consent lessons should be made compulsory in schools.

Commenting on the policy, Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said: "As the number of sexual harassment and assault allegations grows, it becomes more and more apparent that many have no idea what is and isn't appropriate in the workplace. So many in Westminster are utterly failing to understand the power dynamics at play between male MPs, senior political party figures and other staff like assistants and researchers.

"We're calling for consent lessons to be part of MPs' induction into Parliament and ongoing training should be compulsory - starting now. The sooner we can end this epidemic of sexual harassment the better."