A Green vision for Newport West

Following the death of long-serving MP for Newport West, Paul Flynn, the city has lost a passionate and dedicated representative in Parliament. Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack looks back on what she learnt from Flynn and what she can bring to the constituency having been selected as the Green Party candidate for the seat.

Amelia Womack
Amelia Womack
Amelia Womack

Paul Flynn was a political inspiration and truly passionate about the people of Newport. The announcement of his passing last Sunday night cast a shadow across the city as people shared their memories of his dedication to his work and showed their respect to the man.

While I was getting into politics, Paul showed me how politics can be done differently. He was consistently sharing information that I would be interested in as a constituent that was against the war and nuclear weapons, sending me letters as well as emails about different issues as well as effectively addressing my concerns about votes in Parliament.

His passing is a sad time for Newport and whoever is elected as our new MP has some very big shoes to fill. I feel truly honoured to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for Newport West to try and follow in his footsteps as a campaigner and as a politician who isn’t afraid to stand up for their values.

Having been born in the Royal Gwent hospital, Newport is my home, and I know we need a strong, committed voice to stand for our city whose bold history in political activism is in our foundations. And right now we have to be bold.

Our city needs respect from Westminster, we need to be highlighting how austerity has affected our communities, how our young people have been failed by reduced opportunities, as well as addressing climate change – which will only increase our flood risk.

And we can do this with a clear Green vision that reflects a politics that works for people, the environment and ensuring we give every generation the best opportunity in life to thrive.

On top of that Newportonians do not need a politician who will go to Parliament to be whipped to voting in lock-step with their party. We have so many unique issues and only Green representation can ensure that our city’s voice is heard.

I am proud to have the chance to represent The Green Party and our values as a prospective candidate for Newport West, and hope to have your support from across the country.