A Green vision for Germany

"We want to leave national egoism behind and move forward together, not as separate nations but as a European Union." Jamila Schäfer, International Secretary for Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, explains how German Greens want to lay the foundation for an active European civil society and a true ‘European Union’.

Jamila Schäfer

Jamila Schäfer, International Secretary for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens)

Jamila Schäfer

A strong, democratic and reformed European Union is exactly what we need in a world of uncertainties. The EU, as it is right now, is not crisis proof, as the Covid-19 crisis has shown. But at this point a historic moment of solidarity has begun, especially through the build-up of joint debt. As European Greens, we stand for change in policy and leadership. We want to leave national egoism behind and move forward together, not as separate nations but as a European Union. Strengthening human rights worldwide, combating the climate crisis and shaping the economic system ecologically and socially can only be done with the help of a European Union that is capable of taking action. The EU is the anchor for multilateral policy in the world. That is why politics must be considered in European terms in every field of policy.

As German Greens and the Green family in Europe we want to do more to unite and strengthen Europe. The European Union is still the best example of how cooperation can work for the benefit of all. And it gives hope: a more peaceful, a better world is possible.

The idea of a Federal European Republic

European policy is not an administrative act, but the chance for real climate protection, the strengthening of human rights and new sustainable jobs. Merkel's withdrawal after this Bundestag election therefore presents an opportunity: it is time for a federal government that presents a concrete vision for the future of the European Union. Together, we can give politics back its ability to act – for a policy that provides and changes, instead of just administering and reacting. In Germany, as well as in Europe. We Greens want to develop the EU into a Federal European Republic. This requires more than political reforms. Above all, it needs a politicisation from ‘below’, by the citizens of Europe. Therefore, we want to strengthen the European Citizens' Initiative, introduce European Citizens' Councils and lay the foundation for an active European civil society with a European law on associations.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in Germany

With recent developments and the upcoming election in mind, we are often asked about the success of our party. Our success in Germany is related to the fact that the issue of climate protection, which we brought into the political debate 40 years ago, is finally at the top of the agenda throughout the country. After decades of rather neoliberal policies, many people are longing for more social security, sustainable jobs and socioecological guard-rails for our economy. As a party, we stand for a change in policy precisely because we are facing these challenges now. We are the party that can make a credible policy offer for these important tasks of the future, and that with an adaptive and inviting political style in shaping the future.

Our aim is to create sustainable and progressive policy for the whole of society. This includes an exchange with civil society and social movements such as Fridays For Future and, of course, also with those who are afraid of change, for example, because their job in opencast lignite mining is endangered by the coal phase-out. However, we do not want to encourage fears of change or use them as a reason to block necessary progress – for example, in climate protection. Rather, we want to tackle the problems with well-founded confidence and jointly reduce the reasons for fears of social decline, for example, by creating sustainable jobs with socioecological transformation.