For a Green Party that wins: Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond

“They have served different needs of the rising Green movement, achieving huge amounts within their distinctive and complementary areas.” Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond explain why members should vote for them in the upcoming leadership election.

Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond leadership candidate
Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond

With COP on the horizon, citizens and the media alive to the climate emergency, and political leaders failing to deliver, there has never been a more important moment for our Party. These moments happen rarely and - when movements are prepared - can result in massive shifts in public consciousness and non-linear change. We are the only leadership team that can credibly claim to be able to grasp such moments. Our records speak for themselves. Please vote for Amelia and Tamsin as Co-Leaders, and we can all take our place in a Green Party that wins. 

About us 

Amelia Womack 

  • Seven years' experience as Deputy Leader of the Green Party 
  • Overseen biggest surge of members, voters and councillors in our Party's history 
  • One of our top media performers, taking on Piers Morgan, Andrew Neill, and appearing across mainstream media 
  • Co-Chair of the People's Assembly Against Austerity 
  • Co-Founder of pro-EU organisation Another Europe is Possible 
  • Scientist with an MSc in Environmental Technology 
  • Based in Newport, Wales 

Tamsin Omond 

  • Founding member of Plane Stupid, Climate Rush and Extinction Rebellion 
  • Developed strategy that won climate emergency declarations from world organisations and governments (including the UK Parliament) 
  • Strategic Communications Advisor to the Marshall Islands Delegation at COP24 
  • Strong networks in fundraising - raised £1.5 million for climate activism, including new funding streams (as Head of Global Campaigns at Lush Cosmetics) for grassroots anti-fracking movement 
  • "Go to" climate voice, appearing across mainstream media 
  • Author, including the upcoming Do Earth: Healing Strategies for Humankind 
  • Based in Newham, London 

Before deciding to stand for co-leadership of the Green Party, Amelia and Tamsin admired and respected each other's work for over a decade. More likely to bump into each other at a protest or leaving a TV or radio studio, they served different needs of the rising Green movement, achieving huge amounts within their distinctive and complementary areas. 

Tamsin has worked at a national and international level – in NGOs, companies and grassroots movements – creating strategic plans, media opportunities, and fundraising to ensure that creative actions and targeted communications about the climate and ecological emergency reach mainstream audiences. Once named in the Sunday Times "Top 30 Power Players Under 30", Tamsin has created communications and campaign interventions that have defined our modern environmental movement. 

Amelia, shortlisted for international young politician (2020), has been building the Green Party. The only political party that welcomes those who are awake to the climate emergency and want to be part of a movement that creates far-reaching structural change. After seven years with Amelia in the leadership team, the Party is ready to step up to this pivotal global moment. With Amelia's experience we can create non-linear change and achieve the big wins that build our Party and our future. 

What we stand for: A Green Party that wins

A Green future

We stand alongside young people, communities of colour, and those left behind by successive austerity governments to campaign for a Green New Deal and a just transition. To ensure we secure this vision, we need to elect politicians who can make the case for a zero carbon future that leaves nobody behind. Amelia and Tamsin are the Leaders to take us there. 

Hearts and minds 

With COP just around the corner, there has never been a more important time for the Green Party to be heard. To do this we must use the media more successfully, by understanding what they want, and delivering a fresh and radical alternative to the establishment. Under the Co-Leadership of Amelia and Tamsin, The Green Party can become that alternative. 

Electoral success

This May, we won record results at the local elections, but we still only have one MP. Incremental progress isn't going to cut it. We will build a movement that gets Greens elected across England and Wales to all levels of government. Amelia knows how we've won before, and Tamsin has a history of building movements that turn the impossible into the inevitable. From grassroots to government, Amelia and Tamsin have the vision and skills to deliver electoral success. 


Exploitation and oppression is the root of the climate catastrophe. We will work hard to bring marginalised communities to the heart of our Party. We must undo structural inequalities that prevent us from being the diverse party that we should be. Amelia and Tamsin will platform and stand with oppressed groups, within and outside the Party. 

What we will do 

"Amelia and Tamsin have the big vision needed to shift the political response to climate and ecological breakdown." – George Monbiot 

In our first 100 days as Co-Leaders of the Green Party, we will: 

A Green future
  • Challenge the government on their upcoming likely austerity budget 
  • Champion the Green New Deal and a just transition 
  • Meet with progressive think tanks to understand and promote the best new ideas towards a low carbon future 
  • Platform our transformative and popular policies (e.g. UBI, rewilding and the four day week), showing how they present solutions to the climate emergency 
Hearts and minds
  • Visit editors of news and broadcast media to review the Party's media profile and open dialogue 
  • Prioritise media appearances and become the "go to" voice on climate 
  • Solidify relationships with campaigning groups, from grassroots to big NGOs 
  • Use COP26 as a "Green Surge" moment, leveraging media interest to grow the Party Electoral success: 
  • Visit our target parliamentary constituencies and create media and organising strategies with target candidates and campaign teams 
  • Visit at least one local target campaign per region, in preparation for the 2022 local elections
  • Promote, celebrate, and build on the success of Campaign School and Target To Win
  • Establish a "Liberation panel" comprised of representatives elected by our liberation groups, to advise us on messaging and develop processes of accountability 
  • Initiate a diversity learning programme to be rolled out to all local parties and via conference
  • Develop and enact a plan for how we hold hate speech accountable within the Party