Green Party proposes ban on flight and car adverts

Ahead of the Green Party’s autumn conference this weekend (4-6 October) in Newport, Wales, the party has unveiled proposals to ban adverts for polluting cars and flights across the UK.

Planes waiting on the runway
Planes waiting on the runway
Imogen Benson

The Green Party has announced proposals to ban adverts for petrol or diesel cars and flights across the UK, aiming to discourage the excessive use of carbon-intensive transport.

The proposed ban would draw upon the same powers that enabled London Mayor Sadiq Khan to prohibit junk food adverts on the London Underground.

Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said: “Excessive flying harms our health just like smoking and advertising only increases this harm. The climate emergency will cause 250,000 additional deaths a year from 2030, comparable in number to deaths caused by smoking.”

Molly Scott Cato, Green Party Finance spokesperson and MEP for the South West of England, added: “We are in a climate emergency. We need to discourage binge flying. Flying from London to New York and back generates a comparable level of emissions as heating a home for a year and, because these gasses are released at high altitudes, the impact on the atmosphere is considerable.

“Flying is one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions – already amounting to two per cent of total global emissions. Aviation is growing and the number of flights could increase by 300 per cent by 2050. We need to stop cooking the planet.”

These proposals have been unveiled ahead of the Green Party’s autumn conference, beginning today (4 October) in Newport, Wales, which will set out a programme of democratic reform and environmental protection. These plans will be underpinned by a Green New Deal, as originally planned by Caroline Lucas, which aims to strengthen communities with green jobs, better land use and increased public transport.