Green Party Executive Committee candidates

Who is running for a role on the Green Party Executive Committee and the Policy Development Committee?

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10 positions on the Green Party Executive Committee (GPEx) are up for election in August along with the Party’s leadership team. GPEx meets around ten times a year and is responsible for the day to day running of the party.

There are also three candidates running for a place on the Policy Development Committee (PDC), which is designed to help Green Party members bring motions to conference. The PDC does not make policy, but liaises with Policy Working Groups and advises on the interpretation of existing policy, as well as aiding members in creating the best possible motions for conference.

Voting opens on 30 July and runs until 31 August.


Campaigns Co-ordinator

Britta Goodman & Caroline New (job share)

Jackie Tait



Emma Carter and Kirsty Jones (job share)

Liz Reason


Elections Co-ordinator

Tom Beament and Judy Maciejowska (job share)


Equalities and Diversity Co-ordinator

Helmut Izaks

Claudine Letsae


External Communications Co-ordinator

Jack Lenox

Rob Shepherd


Finance Co-ordinator

Sebastian Sandys


International Co-ordinator

Michal Chantowski and Alice Hubbard (job share)


Management Co-ordinator

Zoe Nicholson

Florence Pollock

Louis Williams


Policy Development Co-ordinator

Ronald Stewart


Trade Union Liaison Officer

Paul Valentine


Policy Development Committee candidates:

Linda Freeman

Emma Robson

Benjamin Samuel