GPEx Publications Coordinator candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx Publications Coordinator explain why party members should vote for them.

Publications Coordinator
Green World

Julia Lagoutte 

Julia Lagoutte

"My priority is to bring member perspectives to meetings and hold the party to account – always in a constructive and productive spirit."

Hello! I was elected last year on a one-year term – and I'm running for Publications Coordinator again to maximise the potential of our publications, such as Green World, and to ensure that the party works in a democratic and efficient way. 

I’ve worked at the Green European Journal, written for publications such as Green World, Green European Journal and Open Democracy, produced green politics podcasts, worked freelance as a editor, worked for a Green MEP, and have been volunteering within the Green Party of England and Wales for almost a decade now in various roles. I currently work in campaigning and communications – and want to keep bringing my experience and energy to the role. 

I was elected last year on the promise of expanding Green World’s social media outreach and establishing a podcast showcasing the best of its articles - and I’m proud that in this short year this has happened. Reviving our print edition, my other pledge, is an ambition I will continue to push for. One of my main priorities has been increasing awareness of Green World amongst the membership – and that’s something I will continue to do. 

I’ve hugely enjoyed getting to know the brilliant editorial board and staff and working with them to put in place development plans and actions to maximise the potential of Green World to be a space for inspiring and informing members internally, and for showcasing Green politics and the green perspective externally. I’ve also commissioned, interviewed and written for Green World, helped foster a fruitful relationship with the Green European Journal, and put in place better systems of communication between Green World and the central party. There is even more potential for Green World to foster community, facilitate useful conversation, spread Green analyses and ideas, and uplift our own activists and marginalised groups. 

As a member of GPEx I’ve attended every meeting, as well as sub-committee meetings. My priority is to bring member perspectives to meetings and hold the party to account – always in a constructive and productive spirit. I was recently elected co-deputy chair of GPEx alongside campaigns co-ordinator Britta Goodman, and in this role have supported the Chair, chaired a GPEx meeting, and am working with all GPEx members to develop ways to improve processes and democracy. 

I would love to continue this work over the next two years. I have the skills, knowledge and determination to show members that our party is open and democratic, and build public credibility that we are the party of justice and action that people and planet need.

Kathryn Bristow and Rachel Collinson

Kathryn Bristow and Rachel Collinson

"In particular, we’d love to help create a better experience for disabled members or those who struggle with using our internal membership sites."

When was the last time you read Green World? The Green Party spends over £20k* a year on this magazine website. Yet, many members don’t know it exists, and few read it regularly. Also, duplicates work on Green Living Room, which hosts similar content. 

We wish to solve this problem together. These limited resources need to be concentrated towards fulfilling the stated aim of the party’s publications and Green World, which is to aid in the retention of members. 

If elected, we would:

  1. Take a strategic approach. We’d start by analysing visits to Green World and Green Living Room to understand how they contribute to retaining members.
  2. Review the contract with Resource Media, who maintain and create content on the Green World website, costing £20,520 per year.
  3. Connect the Green World Editorial Board with other groups in the party, such as the Association of Green Councillors, Greens of Colour and Young Greens, among others. To reflect our grassroots and provide valuable voices from across the party.
  4. Work to improve relationships between Green Party Executive, Green Party staff, and the Green World Editorial Board.
  5. Look at using any financial savings to improve party accessibility and participation. In particular, we’d love to help create a better experience for disabled members or those who struggle with using our internal membership sites like Green Spaces (which, to be fair, might well be most of us!). 

Kathryn Bristow (fae/faer)

Kathryn has worked in management, ensuring smooth day to day operations, overseeing the work of employees and volunteers. Fae excels in facilitating different elements of organisations to collaborate, rather than having parallel efforts that contribute to wasted resources. With Rachel’s complementary expertise, Kathryn would bring together what works well with the party’s publications and build on the party’s successes. Kathryn is the chair of Green Party Women and has had key roles in Bristol Green Party, South West Green Party, Greens of Colour, and LGBTIQA+ Greens, giving faer insight into the party’s operations. Kathryn has a lot of dedication for the Green Party and worked tirelessly in Bristol target campaigns for the last few years. 

Rachel Collinson (she/her)

Rachel works as a digital consultant for non-profits. For over 20 years, she has helped improve digital publications of charities worldwide, including Greenpeace International and Friends of the Earth. This knowledge and experience mean she can work with Kathryn to fulfil the aims of the party’s publications while investing party members’ donations wisely. Rachel has been a member of the party for over six years. Her passion for the Green movement has led her to give thousands of hours of volunteer work time. She served as London representative on the Green Party Regional Council and contributed to the national Fundraising Committee; this has given her a deep understanding of how the party works and what makes our members tick. 

Vote to see an exciting new Green World. Vote Kathryn and Rachel first for Publications Co-ordinator.

*ERO note: £17,000 + VAT