GPEx Publications Co-ordinator candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx Publications Co-ordinator candidates explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEW candidates GPEx Publications Co-ordinator 2020
GPEW candidates GPEx Publications Co-ordinator 2020
Green World
GPEW candidates 2020 Jack Lenox

Jack Lenox

I have publishing, print and political experience, and I want to see Green World in black and white.

Coming from a career in digital publishing, I have the ideal skill set to lead the Green Party in its transition to new and better digital publications. Technology is where we can punch above our weight.

I joined the Green Party in 2015 having increasingly felt that climate breakdown was the greatest challenge facing humanity. Today, in 2020, the situation couldn't be any starker. The next ten years are the most important for the climate movement, and by association the Green Party.

As we move into an unprecedented electoral cycle in the wake of the global pandemic, we need to hit the ground running. A vital part of our electoral strategy is our publications, whether these take the form of printed manifestos and membership communications, or websites for candidates, activists and local parties.

If elected, I will work with the digital team to enable activists to easily produce microsites and digital publications on our new WordPress infrastructure.

I will work with our elections team to dramatically improve accessibility to our Target To Win resources, with a specific elections microsite for podcast and video tutorials, and materials available in ebook formats.

And I would seek to return Green World to print alongside the website. What we currently spend on the website alone represents very poor value for money. Green World still has a relatively healthy budget, and a print issue is feasible. I would seek to produce two printed issues of Green World per year to be published alongside our Spring and Autumn conferences.

I currently serve as the Membership Secretary for Allerdale & Copeland Green Party in Cumbria, and I was our party's parliamentary candidate for Copeland in 2017 and 2019. I'm also currently studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

GPEW candidates 2020 Julia Lagoutte

Julia Lagoutte

For engaging, accessible and professional publications that make us stronger and spread our unique vision, vote Julia Lagoutte #1.

I'm running for Publications Co-ordinator to maximise the potential of our publications. Let’s make Green politics come alive for people, turn supporters into members and members into activists, empower and support our campaigners, and shift the landscape of UK politics. 

Green World is an excellent resource. I want to engage more members and spread our news, vision and successes even further afield. I want to develop it as a place where we can grow as politicians and activists, have the debates needed for a united, resilient movement, expand our knowledge and experience, uplift marginalised voices, and be a shareable repository for Green achievements here and worldwide. I’d like to boost Green World’s social media presence, and put it online in audio form as podcasts and print it again, giving something back to members and fostering a sense of community.

I want to make sure our publications are even more professional, compelling and outward-looking, and facilitate the sharing of best practice on creating materials, tailoring local manifestos, and supporting parties and activists. 

Why me? I’m an editor, podcaster and writer, and a former editorial assistant at the Green European Journal. I’ve written for publications such as Left Foot Forward, Open Democracy, and the Green European Journal. I co-host the Big Green Politics Podcast. Over the past 10 years in green politics, I’ve supported Bristol Green Party social media and comms strategies, leafleted for local parties around the country and worked as an MEP staffer – I understand how the party works.

I have worked in high-stress political environments and am a natural collaborator. It would be an honour to be on GPEX to use my experience, ideas and enthusiasm to help make our publications as effective as possible in our struggle for a fair society, green world and strong democracy. 

GPEW candidates 2020 Danny Keeling

Danny Keeling

I co-founded a menswear publication that sold in 28 countries. I have also worked in many marketing roles and have held lectures at the University of the Arts London including London College of Fashion in the topic of publishing and marketing.

I currently reside as the Chair of Newham Green Party and previously I was their communications officer as well as a council candidate and Parliamentary Target Candidate for West Ham. Before I was the last person to hold the position in Young Greens as Senate Co-Chair. I co-founded a menswear publication that sold in 28 countries. I have also worked in many marketing roles and have held lectures at the University of the Arts London including London College of Fashion in the topic of publishing and marketing.

If elected I would:

  • Ensure Green World never gets put into print again. We speak about our biggest issue being a climate emergency and then creating a print publication enters the discussion. This is counterproductive so instead, we should make it a digital publication downloadable to platforms.
  • Ensure a fully integrated platform for podcasting through Apple Music and Spotify and other podcasting platforms to ensure our voice is out through all means with guest speakers speaking truth to power.
  • Give liberation and affiliated groups a voice through media platforms to ensure we have diversity in our media coverage. This includes but not limited to Young Greens, Greens of Colour, and LGBTIAQ+ Greens.
  • Resources and templates should be accessible for all levels and training should be given when required on an accessible level whether that is a PowerPoint template or an InDesign one. Furthermore, they must be of quality and be uniform. If the local party cannot create the content, then GPHQ should be utilizing the staff members to batch create campaign items for those with limited capabilities.
  • A wider program of training and information needs giving out to regional and local parties, we have many experts and competent individuals in the party to assist in doing this. My main areas of concern are ensuring all regional and local parties know how to approach the press, media outlets and to look outside of the box for local podcasts, community platforms, and anything else that is of importance in their areas.