GPEx Policy Development Coordinator candidate

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, the candidate for the position of GPEx Policy Development Coordinator explains why party members should vote for them.

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Vix Lowthion

Vix Lowthion

"I am asking for your support to continue the work that we have only just begun, and to put policy development as key to improving our party."

One year on from the privilege of being elected for an interim one-year term as your Policy Development Coordinator on the Green Party Executive Committee – thank you! – I am under no illusions about the significant challenges ahead of us. 

Yes, we are proud to be members of a national political party where everyone is welcome to propose, debate and decide upon our policy – and long may this continue. It is at the heart of our philosophy, it can bring us together – and often it can lead to honest divisions and lively discussions. 

However, since working as your Policy Development Coordinator in the last few months – with a wonderful committee of experienced and enthusiastic campaigners, and a diverse and varied set of Policy Working Groups – it’s clear that our party’s policy development is facing significant challenges. Not just the difficulties with supporting members, framing proposals and navigating the unwieldy policy process, but the missed opportunities which are resulting due to our lack of a comprehensive Policy Strategy. 

I am asking for your support to continue the work that we have only just begun, and to put policy development as key to improving our party, our communities and to get more Greens elected at all levels. 

My priorities for the next two years if elected onto GPEX as your Policy Development Coordinator: 

  1. Continue the process of developing a clear, targeted ‘Policy Strategy’ for the party: a 3-5 year plan to develop the best quality and most transformative policies for our elected Greens, our spokespeople and our communities. 
  2. Increase participation of members via our Conferences, by aiding our Policy Working Groups and through expanding events such as the popular Policy Fest – both in person and online. 
  3. Maximise the use of communication and organisation technologies to support the policy development process, including discussion, drafting and accreditation. 
  4. Get more Greens elected at all levels and ensure that our policies are tough enough to get implemented and tackle the social and environmental challenges we face. 

The energy and enthusiasm in our party for transformation and change is contagious! But we will miss the opportunities offered in this period of political and historic change if we do not offer the right policies to voters.

I hope that you can support my priorities to get the right strategies in place.