GPEx Management Co-ordinator candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx Management Co-ordinator explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEW candidates 2020 Management Co-ordinator
GPEW candidates 2020 Management Co-ordinator
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GPEW candidates 2020 Florence Pollock and Matt Browne

Florence Pollock and Matt Browne

Together we have the HR and Green governance experience needed for the Management Co-ordinator role – and a vision to apply that experience to show how radicalism and professionalism can burn all the more brightly together.

We have skills and experience specific to the Management Co-ordinator role, which involves oversight of Green Party HR and wider governance processes. Florence is an HR professional, giving her extensive skills in managing workplace relations, encouraging staff retention and delivering meaningful training. Matt served as the Green Party Policy and Governance Manager, experience that has given him an in-depth understanding of how GPEx works and of Green Party governance, safeguarding and management processes.

We would like to contribute these role-specific skills to GPEx, along with our commitment to treating everyone with respect and compassion.

Part of the Green vision for the future involves changing the world of work, to tackle privilege and to recognise the inherent value of every single person. If elected, we will make this vision a reality and make the Green Party a beacon for inclusivity, trade union and worker rights. To do this, in our first 12 months we would work to:

  • Give all Green Party staff the option to work from home, on a permanent basis. This will open up all Green Party work to people living outside London.

  • Provide paid internships for young people of colour.

  • Make it clear on all Green Party job adverts that a university education and professional experience are not pre-requisites for an application.

  • Ensure trade union representatives play a full part in staff management meetings, and on GPEx

  • Address high staff turnover by exploring automatic progression pay for lower paid staff, based on trade union best practice.

  • Provide more resourcing for HR and governance functions, including additional capacity to speed up the Green Party complaints processes.

These changes will not only make our party more inclusive, but will help it work better. We can show how empowering, inclusive management is a win-win for everyone

Richard Bearman

I am standing for the role of Management Co-ordinator because the Green Party needs the best possible talents and experience on GPEx to run the party in the 21st century.

I have nearly 20 years’ experience in a variety of roles at local, regional and national level in the Green Party including line management of local party staff and previously serving four years on GPRC for the Eastern region.

I was a Norfolk County Councillor from 2009 to 2017 and led the Green Party group for most of that time so I know exactly what it is like to be delivering Green policies in local government. I stood as a candidate in the 2017 general election, so also experienced the effort needed to get Green issues into the media debate. I remain active in my local party as a 2021 target ward co-ordinator, which keeps me connected to the experience of getting Greens elected at the local level.

I have held various senior positions in registered charities in my local community as well as extensive experience as a School Governor, having served in diverse roles as Finance Chair, Safeguarding Governor, Vice-chair and Chair of the Governing body.

At this time of unprecedented climatic and social change, the Green Party must look to the future and embrace further changes however challenging that may be. Organisational change is one of the most difficult times for any business, charity or political party. I believe I can play a key role in moving the party forward by working collaboratively as part of the Executive, holding senior managers to account and providing clear and structured objectives for the Chief Executive and staff.

The Green Party needs to engage with communities up and down the country and our membership needs to reflect the widest diversity. I will use all my experience gained in the various roles I have held to enhance GPEx and further the Green Party’s agreed political strategies at a national level.

Voting for the GPEW internal elections for leadership positions and the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will run until 31 August. If you are a GPEW member, you can cast your vote on the GPEW members’ site.