GPEx International Co-ordinator candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx International Co-ordinator candidates explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEW candidates 2020 GPEx International Co-ordinator
GPEW candidates 2020 GPEx International Co-ordinator
Green World
GPEW candidates 2020 Alice Hubbard and Sam Murray

Alice Hubbard and Sam Murray

Vote Alice and Sam – building global green system change, delivering results for GPEW internationally.

We are active in the Green Party because we are proud to be global citizens, we believe that nobody is illegal, and that we must act now on the climate emergency and for system change.  GPEW is an ally and active participant in global movements for social and climate justice.  

Why We Are Asking For Your Vote

  • We are candidates with established networks, relationships and direct experience in green party European and global governance networks, delivering results for GPEW, and innovative projects, across the world. 

  • We have ensured international and Global South influence and direct participation is secured and supported for GPEW COP26 planning.   

  • We have helped deliver significant representation in European Green Party committees (where previously we had none) - we remain a strong voice in the European green movement. 

  • We have made essential, significant improvements to the governance of international work alongside the International Committee – now we are doing (much) more – with Young Greens and our liberation groups central.

Priorities and Actions

We must (and will): 

  1. Keep the Global South integral to GPEW planning for COP26 in the UK, and ensure that the global Green voice is as strong as it can be.

  2. Support and strengthen our GPEW influence in the European Green Party, and Global Greens.

  3. Inform, include, and respond to, members and local groups.

  4. Keep our international work diverse, ensuring Young Greens, liberation groups and Wales Green Party are fully included. 

Please make Alice and Sam your 1st choice for International Co-ordinator!

GPEW candidates 2020 Frank Sheridan

Frank Sheridan

The time for change is NOW. Vote Frank for fresh ideas, fresh energy and international Green success.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. Our house is on fire. 

Hope, action, change, together – is the way we build our future, today.

And 2021 is the year that will determine our future. We have one shot at this. My goal is simple: harness the power of our international network so we can put unrelenting pressure on governments to DO THEIR JOB, and enact a #greenrecovery to the pandemic, and produce quantifiable ACTION at #COP26.

We have to make history.

I will bring:

  • 15 years international experience in the Third Sector, working throughout the world in business, consultancy, education and climate NGOs.

  • Specialist in network development and community engagement: from citywide, regional, and complex international networks, with experience of preparing for and working at international climate conferences.

  • Specialist in collaborative processes: delivering training, facilitation, capacity-building and tool-development in multi-cultural contexts, and in particular, developing young people.

  • Specialist in change management: working transformatively with positivity and speed.

  • Sustainable Development academic: specialising in solutions to intersectional crises.

  • And 20 years international environmental and political activism and campaigning…

Climate change and social injustice are products of broken systems, they at once connect the local to the global. I stood in the last election in my hometown of Doncaster. A community ignored by the government, exploited by capitalism, as they build vast Am***n warehouses on the razed, cheap meadowland offering zero-hour contracts while the town is slammed again by flooding. Offering a pathway and a narrative of hope to my community is vital to stymie the clutch of populism and climate doom. 

As International Co-ordinator, I offer you this hope. Together, we can connect our communities globally and wield our power to bring about positive change and a sustainable 21st century.

This next year will decide our future. 

Vote Frank, and let’s get cracking.


GPEW candidates 2020 Alex Horn Erwin Schaefer

Alex Horn and Erwin Schaefer

Both Alex Horn and Erwin Schaefer are true internationalists.

Multilingualism and Bridge Building

Both Alex Horn and Erwin Schaefer are true internationalists. Together they speak four languages fluently, (English, French German and Spanish) a clear advantage for this role and a stated requirement in the job specification. They represent a truly international team ideally suited to building the bridges the Green Party desperately needs, by improving cross-border communication and learning from our sister Green Parties abroad. The combination of having lived extensively abroad together with their language skills provides them with an inherently deeper understanding of other cultures and ability to empathise with people from around the world. Bridging those gaps and enhancing understanding between people is what they are about.

Europe COP26 – Nov 2021

The urgency of the climate emergency cannot be overstated. Time is running out. The GPEW needs to stand by its environmental roots as well as embrace the social justice cause. We need to be, and appear to be, credible, professional, ready to listen, share and learn. Let’s be inspired by our partners’ recent successes in France, Ireland and Croatia as well Green Parties with larger vote shares, such as in Germany.


We will endeavour to double our efforts to reach out to our Green partners in Europe and reassure them of our commitment to the European project.

Diversity – Reach

The GPEW needs to improve its record on diversity and appeal to a wider audience. If elected we would seek to set up a European Greens of Colour and a European Green Business Group.

Covid-19 Fallout/Opportunities

We would like to pledge our solidarity with individuals, families, and communities that are suffering or are affected as a result of the virus. Let’s learn from best practice from across the globe as well as reassert our commitment to protecting the planet.

GPEW candidates 2020 Claudine Letsae

Claudine Letsae

I am standing as International Co-ordinator to highlight how we can both deal with climate change and address global inequality at the same time.

My background is in International Human Rights Law, global health, mediation, advocacy and technology. I have addressed human rights violations by states or non-state actors against human rights defenders and lawyers at risk, using the UN’s human rights mechanism. As my heritage is South African, I have the perspective and tools to build constructive international relationships and engage with our diasporas. I have served as Equality & Diversity Co-ordinator on GPEx. Lend me your first preference and as international Co-ordinator, I will use my skills and experience to advance solutions on international issues of climate, pandemic, and inequality, focusing on campaigns such as Debt Jubilee, People’s COP26 and addressing inequality.

As Greens, we have a long history of internationalism, standing on the shoulders of our predecessors in the global Green movement. We must refocus our attention on the Global South – and diasporas in the UK. I am standing as International Co-ordinator to highlight how we can both deal with climate change and address global inequality at the same time. The climate movement has been long focused on what solutions the West can bring to the table with little emphasis on the populations worldwide bearing the brunt of the climate devastation. When given a voice, theirs is always through the lens of the western view. I want to build a grassroots movement and to deal with climate change and inequality. Given the devastation currently being meted out to the Global South by Covid, exacerbating existing inequalities, solutions are required urgently. 

The move to more equal access to decision-making processes and a shift away from the big institutions that have failed to consult the people and provide solutions is urgent. We need to build a campaign for the people, by the people. I will lead a charge for a People’s COP26, engaging the diasporas in the UK and then spread out to the rest of the world. This grassroots movement will build networks and links between GPEW and movements across the world to seek solutions together through climate and equality assemblies. They will look at the immediate needs of people and decide how we tackle climate change and inequality by campaigning for Debt Jubilee for countries devastated by the triple crises. We cannot deal with climate change without addressing poverty and human rights. This is a once in generation call to save humanity and our ecosystem as we know it. Ecocide must be made into international law, to protect all species from extension.

Voting for the GPEW internal elections for leadership positions and the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will run until 31 August. If you are a GPEW member, you can cast your vote on the GPEW members’ site.