GPEx Internal Communications Coordinator candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx Internal Communications Coordinator explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEx Internal Communications Coordinator
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Alexander Sallons

Alexander Sallons

"I want you to put me to work organising the party to win more councillors, mayors and most importantly MPs!"

Does it feel like the momentum died after 2010? 

We gained a single MP in 2010, and despite brilliant breakthroughs in local elections in 2017 to 2021, in the decade since we’ve still not gained another MP. That’s what I want to change. Let’s start winning elections and winning MPs. 

My name is Alexander Sallons, I’m an activist in Brighton and Hove Green Party working on our communications since 2018, and I want you to put me to work as your Internal Communications Coordinator, organising the party to win more councillors, mayors and most importantly MPs! 

I’ll do this by harnessing our greatest asset –our members and activists! – by establishing a Skills Census, asking you what skills you can offer to our campaigns to make them bigger, better and more successful. Some of us don’t have money to offer, but we do have skills, talents and time. And I’ll provide the tools for local parties to better organise their members.

I will establish an Apptivist Programme: in our campaigns we rely heavily on paper resources, and we work that media so well, with campaigns priding themselves on their delivery, but on social media the party has problems cutting through. We don’t have the money for huge advertising spends, but we do have members and supporters! I will work to create the tools to provide the party with more organic and organised reach, for better social media campaigns, getting the Green message to a bigger and wider audience.

And I will work to overhaul the Party’s websites, with a focus on campaign organising, for better and more connected election campaigns, working with our members and securing funds from GPEx I want to work to get a better and more accessible member’s website, and work to create a better online experience for our members new and old, as well as people new to the party.

This is just the start. Please visit for a full manifesto!

Please vote for Alexander Sallons for Internal Communications Coordinator for GPEx!

Zoe Hatch

Zoe Hatch

"I’ll work hard to build on common ground – advocating for tolerance of differing views within our diverse membership."

Hi, my name is Zoe Hatch and I’m standing for the role of Internal Communications Coordinator. 

Effective communication within our party is vital to creating a truly joined-up and integrated organisation. A party that speaks articulately to its members and listens compassionately to all perspectives will create a more powerful impact. Inspiring members through regular, meaningful and persuasive communications will pave the way for stronger social and environmental change. 

We have the opportunity to develop our internal communications systems as powerful tools for campaigning, policy development, and ultimately election wins. Delivering membership engagement that inspires connection, change and commitment will help members feel part of the Green family, strengthening the party tenfold with a committed team that feels it truly belongs. Recent success at the local elections shows that we’re on the right track but there’s still so much further to go! 

As Internal Communications Coordinator I will: 

  • Improve and upgrade the party website, especially the member spaces, to support us on the next stage of our growth as a party.
  • Utilise impactful and simple communications to the membership to inspire and engage beyond asking for donations.
  • Regularly help members join the dots between different wings of the party. A better informed membership is a more empowered and engaged membership.
  • Promote tolerance of different views within the party to improve upon our wonderful track record of inclusivity. Listening to differing perspectives allows us to reach better solutions and deeper understanding.
  • Put openness and transparency at the heart of all our communications.
  • Cut through the noise of digital media taking members right to the heart of the party with a simplified and powerful message.
  • Revise systems of internal consultation to allow policy groups and working parties to take members on a ‘journey of discovery’. Advocating for the use of storytelling and consultation as powerful tools for engagement. 

About me 

I’ve been actively involved in environmental and social justice issues from an early age and worked as a parliamentary researcher in my 20s alongside my friend Jo Cox. Like Jo, I have always believed that our common ground as humans far outweighs our differences. With the difficulties our party is facing as we grow and transform, I’ll work hard to build on that common ground – advocating for tolerance of differing views within our diverse membership. 

As a home educator, I founded a local education charity when my two children were younger. I now run my own part-time health and well-being business alongside studying law. 

When I joined the Green Party, I was won over by its values of fairness, deeply held democratic processes, integrity, and equality along with radical and necessary approaches to environmental and social justice. For me this felt like a homecoming that was long overdue. 

If elected, it will be my absolute honour to connect us more deeply across the party – empowering us to build our Green future together.

You can find me on Twitter at @GreenZoeHatch and on Facebook at Zoe Hatch.