GPEx Chair candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of GPEx Chair explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEW candidates 2020 GPEx Chair
GPEW candidates 2020 GPEx Chair
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GPEW candidates 2020 Liz Reason

Liz Reason

I really want the party to make a step-change in its size, capacity and achievements.

I am currently Chair of GPEx and am pleased to set out the achievements of my first two years, and my aspirations for the next two years if I am re-elected.


  • Professionalising operations: Appointing an experienced Chief Executive and supporting them to build a team of committed staff to deliver on the party’s ambitions.

  • Resourcing: Developing the fundraising strategy through the new Development Committee. We aim to attract more money from a wide range of appropriate sources to meet one of the party’s biggest challenges – our limited budget. 

  • Improving decision-making:  The Holistic Review passed with a big majority but is yet to be implemented. I want to see this through to modernise the party’s governance arrangements.


  • Uniting the country around a fresh, green start and making it happen through inclusive politics. 

  • Increasing income and financial sustainability are essential for us to build on our electoral success to date and to expand political representation at all levels. This will allow us to invest in:

    1. Developing the Field Team network in England and Wales

    2. Further campaign schools – so many of whose attendees subsequently deliver local electoral success

    3. Systems for elections and membership services and the party’s websites and other digital engagement tools

    4. Training for councillors, candidates and governance body members

    5. Identifying and nurturing a cohort of potential candidates to be ready for the next general election.

  • Opening up conversations using the principles of non-violent communication, to resolve internal differences and to allow us to focus on real and urgent change.


I really want the party to make a step-change in its size, capacity and achievements. I have the energy, experience, time and the commitment to make this happen. 


Twitter: @lizreason

GPEW candidates 2020 Benjamin Smith and Ashley Routh

Benjamin Smith and Ashley Routh

A vote for us is a vote for a more modern, more representative, more progressive party leadership, in order to better represent the values of the party.


We will work with the disciplinary committee to ensure that the complaints procedure is as transparent as it can be, and to encourage more resolution of complaints at a local level. This would lead to an improved response time and would ensure that disputes are dealt with by people who understand local issues, where possible. 

We will make the decision making process of GPEx more transparent, creating a blog with monthly updates from the chair, and a facility for Q+As.

Due process

We will ensure that GPEx and the rest of the party leadership are following due process, taking particular stock of recent cases in which it hasn’t been, such as our previous Lords candidate selection.


We will ensure that GPEx members follow the member’s code of conduct and respect the party ethos regarding the inclusion of other members. We would push for a greater dialogue with all of the party’s liberation groups, and take seriously their recommendations.

We will also explore meaningful, effective ways of ensuring that our collective party leadership is more diverse, ensuring that members from all backgrounds are heard, and have their voices elevated by the party. 


Digital meeting tools have become more relevant than ever this year, and we must edit our processes accordingly. We will push for the creation of guidance on how to conduct online meetings and how to ensure that they remain transparent, accessible and democratic. 

We will try to make the party less reliant on mass emails as a means of conveying information, pushing for greater utilisation of social media, blogs, and the party website for the dissemination of information. 

A vote for us is a vote for a more modern, more representative, more progressive party leadership, in order to better represent the values of the party.

GPEW candidates 2020Adrian Spurrell

Adrian Spurrell

Building a Green Party to deliver on the environmental and social challenges of the 20s and beyond.

My name is Adrian Spurrell and I am asking for your vote for Chair of GPEx.  

The Green Party needs to become a credible force in British politics and drive the changes in legislation and people’s behaviour to deliver a just and fair transition to a net zero carbon economy and society.

To do this my priorities as Chair would be to:

  • Complete the work being done to address the party’s infrastructure. That means: overhauling our IT; putting in place world class fundraising; growing our field team; resolving and implementing the new constitution and incorporating; and streamlining our processes, especially disputes, complaints and disciplinary. Without the right infrastructure, everything else struggles for impact.

  • Widen our membership appeal and the membership experience. Without our members we are nothing. We need more members, we need more of our members to be active and we need to improve the way we engage with our members. Crucially, that means listening to our members more, making better use of the expertise within our membership and creating a culture that allows us to debate our politics passionately but safely and with respect for each other.

  • Build a network of external partners who are aligned to key areas of policy. Even if our fundraising hits target, we don’t have the resources to compete – not unless we work with others. That means those who support our environmental aims and those who support our social justice aims. We need to become the political leaders of a movement that delivers fundamental societal change and Green electoral success.

With over 20 years’ track record helping businesses, government departments and charities run better, I have the experience and leadership skills to build the internal culture that will deliver electoral success and system change.

Please make me your first choice for Chair.

GPEW candidates 2020 Ewan Jones

Ewan Jones

For a united GPEx to maximise the Green Party’s political impact.

The Green Party must work faster, and smarter, to lead UK politics towards climate safety by 2030.

As Chair, I will guide the Green Party Executive (GPEx):

  1. Efficiently make good, Green decisions;

  2. Work co-operatively and constructively together to maximise our Party’s political impact

  3. Focus on delivering its responsibilities, deploying the experience I have gained:

    1. Re-energising South West Green Party (SWGP) from 2015, to prioritise elections success, and

    2. Bringing a more human and open style of Chairing to Bruton Town Council from last February.

As Co-ordinator (Chair) of SWGP, we have:

  • Elected so many Green Councillors that our regional total now stands at 68 (of 357 across England and Wales);

  • Delivered the best Green Mayoral vote to date: 11 per cent for West of England in May 2017;

  • Returned Molly Scott Cato as SW MEP, with a record 18 per cent of the regional vote;

  • Supported Carla Denyer to 25 per cent in Bristol West on 12 December – the best Green Parliamentary vote outside Brighton (after Bristol West in 2015).

Under my Chairing, Bruton Town Council has:

  • Declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency, unanimously, in my first meeting as Mayor, bringing our whole town together – then delivered our Carbon Neutral Bruton 2030 Plan within six months, as promised.

  • Opened up our council by introducing café style meetings where councillors sit alongside their electorate to develop ideas, engaging more people than ever before.

  • Led an exemplary community response to coronavirus, including establishing a free Food Drop service for people who lost incomes.

The Green Party must stop wasting energies on internal battles – instead freeing our spokespeople to speak confidently and provide the stability and support local Greens need, across all regions of England and  Wales.

Please Vote me #1 for Chair of GPEx, because we no longer have time to waste.

Voting for the GPEW internal elections for leadership positions and the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will run until 31 August. If you are a GPEW member, you can cast your vote on the GPEW members’ site.