GPEW Policy Development Committee candidates

Candidates for the GPEW Policy Development Committee explain why party members should vote for them in the Green Party internal elections.

Green World
Luke Balnave

Luke Balnave

I believe whole-heartedly in the fundamental power of Green policy to provide the pathway for our society to tackle the multiple dilemmas we currently face. 

I believe passionately in the need for our party to continue to lead public debate by developing leading policies. Our policies must be strong and cohesive and I want to play a part in ensuring this. 

I have a fair grasp of the party's internal policy processes and experience as policy officer at the London Fed level. And I have twice stood as a parliamentary candidate – so I know the need for policies to be defensible at hustings and on the doorstep. 

In these turbulent times, I believe that there is a large task in tending to the existing policy set and ensuring it remains relevant and distinctive; and also that any clashes or gaps are swiftly identified and remedied. 

Professionally I work at a state secondary school as a Data Manager. I have stakeholder, scrutiny and assurance experience. I enjoy working cross-function and would relish the opportunity to form strong bonds with the policy working groups and other internal stakeholders. 

I believe that this blend of skills would make me a useful member of the PDC.  

In the next 12 months we will face unprecedented disruptions to our health and our economies. These will demand new policies but also make our processes, especially critical scrutiny, harder. My aim in this period would be to help ensure that we deliver consistency and enablement on policy. 

More widely, I would seek to ensure that we continue to offer radical and innovative policy that has tangible merit in providing solutions to tackling the tripartite climate, ecological and health crises that all need urgent action today and that the Green Party continues to distinguish itself, and be the constant leader for transformative policy that this country so desperately needs.  

Robert Beggs

Robert Beggs

I'm rational and helpful and don't have an axe to bury.

I have been a co-opted member of the Policy Development Committee for almost two years and have found it an excellent way to help other members successfully nurse their policy proposals through from inception to fruition. It has also been a really good way to learn how the party operates, realising that what sometimes looks, at first, like total confusion is, on closer inspection, exactly that. But I have learnt to respect the unstinting efforts and integrity of all those members and staff responsible for organising Conference and the delivery of a policy platform that truly reflects our sincerely held beliefs. I feel like a valued member of a world-saving team and I want to stay in it.

Martin Blake

Martin Blake

I want to join the Policy Development Committee and help the Green Party to be nimble-footed in making and amending policies to deal with rapidly-changing times.

In my first year on PDC, I will seek to democratise the Party’s policy-making processes by making them more accessible, and ensure that ordinary members have easier access to the most relevant and up-to-date policy statements.

If you want to check out all our policies and the values that underlie them, you might struggle to find them on our current website. Having tracked them down via a link to the old website, you’d probably start with our Core Values, essentially a statement of what we all share as members of the Green Party. If you move from that to the Philosophical Basis of our policies, you’ll find it’s a much wordier version of the Core Values, and wonder what’s the point of having both. From there you’ll go to the Record of Policy Statements, to find that it’s essentially an archive. If you have any stamina left, you can go on to check out the Political Strategy and the last Manifesto.

I understand why some members of our Party feel that the policy-making process is arcane and apparently the preserve of a small number with the time and inclination to understand it. I know from personal experience what a challenge it can be to follow all the steps in getting a motion on the conference agenda, let alone getting it debated and passed.

I left Labour and joined the Green Party because it places tackling the environmental crisis facing our planet at the forefront. I’ve held office in my local and regional parties for the last few years, and am currently East Midlands regional secretary. I’ve also stood a number of times as a candidate at local and parliamentary level, so hopefully my commitment to the Green Party and what it stands for is self-evident.

Nick Bowett

Candidate statement not submitted.

David Carlyon

David Richard Carlyon

An environmental policy specialist dedicated to tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency through a Green New Deal and low carbon economy for Britain.

Green Party Experience

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2008. During this time, I have been an active member of various local parties, including: West Cornwall, Brighton and Hove and Mid Sussex. For the last two years, I have been a Coordinator for Wandsworth Green Party. This diverse role has provided me with the experience of organising and coordinating local Green Party activists for campaigns, such as the 2019 European Parliament elections and 2020 General Election (for the constituencies of Battersea, Putney and Tooting). 

I stood as a candidate for the Greens in the Wandsworth Council local elections in 2018.

Policy Expertise

I have a Law degree from the University of Sussex and a master’s degree in International Environmental Law from Northumbria University. My educational background has enabled me to understand the creation, amendment and implementation processes of complex environmental policies while working as an adviser on sustainability issues.

As a Sustainability Consultant, I have worked with a range of public sector organisations (local councils, housing associations, NHS Trusts), companies and key stakeholders to analyse, design and embed strategies focusing on carbon reduction and sustainable development. Areas of expertise in the fields of environmental regulation and policy development include: the built environment, renewable energy and healthcare.

Green Party Vision

Over the next 12 months, I believe that the party should create policies and communications which highlight the benefits of a Green New Deal to help provide secure careers, housing and greater economic prosperity for everyone as part of a 21st century green economy. We must position and refocus ourselves as the party for the environment and localism, dedicated to tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergency – while highlighting the everyday benefits to voters across the country (e.g. high-skilled green jobs, promotion of British manufacturing, energy efficient homes).

Andrea Dexter

Andrea Dexter

I can assess data quickly and communicate my conclusions, I fully respect others who have different passions, views and priorities, and appreciate their strengths.

There are many lessons to learn from Covid-19, a danger to which we will have to adapt for some time. We will have to face much more as our climate and environment change. It is vital that we are quick to pick up these messages, translate them into policy and promote them energetically so that our policies become the new mainstream, as we have seen, with Universal Basic Income, and renationalisation of public services.

Climate change will have a huge effect on health care needs, demand, and provision and I want to work on changes to Public Health, and health care that would enable better service, staff morale and sustainable adaptation to the climate and Covid-19 emergencies. We need close cooperation between planning and public health to promote a healthier population in a healthier environment, both mentally and physically. Our core policy of reversing the 2012 Health and Social Care Act is still paramount, but from my long career in the NHS, I believe some fundamental 1948-style changes are now needed for our health service before another crisis arrives for which we are poorly prepared.

Lessening the impact of the climate emergency involves not only a comprehensive change in how we interact with our planet and the life it supports, it also involves reducing social inequality, ensuring well-funded public services and safety nets. Most of all we have to shift human aspiration to a sustainable high quality of life for all instead of personal acquisition of more wealth than could be spent in many lifetimes.

Why trust me on the Policy Development Committee? I can assess data quickly and communicate my conclusions, I fully respect others who have different passions, views and priorities, and appreciate their strengths. I can work to deadlines and I am not afraid to either take responsibility for my work or change it in the light of new information. I am proud of GPEW core values that underpin our policies. I want the GPEW to continue to lead in evidenced policies that GPEW members feel represent their commitment, that candidates, like me in 2019, can feel proud to promote, and which answer the desperate need of the electorate to have their concerns addressed by serious political leaders."

Sara Dryden

Candidate statement not submitted.

Edward Gildea

Edward Gildea

Let us seize this opportunity to develop radical policies for a post Covid world and achieve the environmental transformation and social justice of our New Green Deal.

The environmental crisis could not be more urgent. We have a unique opportunity post Covid to change global economics, so that it functions within the constraints of nature and our planet and for the good of humanity.

While government is pumping money to reboot the economy, clean, sustainable industries and the Green New Deal must be massively prioritized. ‘Decarbonising Transport’ must be urgently re-written to do what is says on the tin.

I will fight for policies that incentivise businesses and corporations to become sustainable: working with international banks who acknowledge the crisis; a Green measurement of GDP; curtailing tax havens so tax is paid in the country where the profits are generated and introducing equal fiduciary duties to humanity and the environment.

I want healthy, sustainable choices to be affordable to all; with subsidies raised on unsustainable and unhealthy behaviours: taxes on carbon, sugar, frequent flying…

Disparities between rich and poor / black and white grow relentlessly. Wealth should be taxed and council tax reformed. We have learned how much we depend on key workers, particularly in the health and care sectors, yet pay them the minimum wage. This is insulting, disproportionately affecting the BAME community.  

Young people are facing the bleakest of futures and are now to be burdened with the debt of Covid. University fees should be abolished and internships should not exploit the young.

Politicians are incapable of seeing further than five years ahead so I would turn House of Lords to be a ‘Future Generations’ Revising Chamber, so legislation takes account of the interests of future generations, replacing short-term expediency with ‘Cathedral thinking’.

I am confident, articulate, and passionate about the need for change. I am active in advocating change and activism locally, active in XR and other protest groups and in guerrilla planting wildflowers!

Mick Gregg

Mick Gregg

A vote to build on experience and grow the policy development process for the future, taking everyone along together.

Having been involved in the inner workings of the Policy Development Committee since 2017, I see what works and also what needs to improve. I will enhance how the Committee supports our Policy Working Groups and individuals, and plays its part in the wider development of our Policy and the workings of Conference.

I have been continually dismayed at how few members know what PDC does and see the value of the committee. This Committee needs to earn your respect.

I have lost count of the different PDC Co-ordinators in the last three years – some only being in post for a matter of months, one only for hours. If we, as a Party, want to see continuous growth and development of our Policy processes, we have to change the ‘stop/start’ way that PDC has been operating.

My commitment to you is to say that I shall seek re-election for at least three continuous years. I am a long way from knowing all that is needed to make this Committee function as well as you deserve, but it is an obvious shortfall to expect someone new to drop into the role, alongside equally-new Committee members, and function effectively.  

I will take my place on GPEx and represent our Policy processes; challenge where challenge is required from our ethical and policy base.

I am as skilled manager of people and a calm and confident person.

I simply do not have the energy for more internal reviews. We are at risk of fiddling whilst the world burns. However, I will always listen and change what needs to change.

You will know what you can expect from us and measure us against standards that have been created through open consultation – a contract between you and the Committee I will lead and represent. 

Martin Osbourne

Candidate statement not submitted.

Natalia Waring

Natalia Waring

If elected, I'm ready to listen, collaborate, advise on existing policy and create change by helping new policy find its feet

My name is Natalia Waring. I have been an active member of Hereford and South Herefordshire Greens since 2016. Last year I stood as candidate for City Council and was part of a campaigns team that helped elect seven Green councillors into a coalition administration.

Running up to the general election, I organised a hustings attended by over 100 voters, helping to get our positive Green messages and calls for change heard by the electorate.

For four years I’ve run a community discussion group that meets weekly, exchanging views on issues of social justice and sustainability. These events have given me experience of chairing and mediation.

I am local leader for Make Votes Matter, their movement for electoral reform and a fair democracy I believe are essential to healing our unequal society.

With Amnesty, I write on behalf of prisoners of conscience and recently lead a presentation on climate change and human rights in a local secondary school.

It was my pleasure to take part in meetings with the Isles Alliance and Green representatives from across Europe as visitor to the European Green Party council this Summer.

Following six years teaching science, I now help manage an arts and events venue. During my careers, working comfortably within a team, good interpersonal communication and learning from others have been vitally important and these skills I hope to bring to any role on the Policy Development Committee.

I have enjoyed attending Conference several times, as well as PolicyFest, which was a rewarding opportunity to be part of digging deeper into policy areas and exploring ideas in groups.

If elected, I look forward to working alongside Policy Working Groups and listening to experts, helping to make policy statements the best they can be and the experience for members attending conference meaningful and empowering.