Getting Greens elected in 2023

Co-chair of the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC) Martha James highlights the group's vision for the next year – five MPs and 900 councillors elected.

GPRC co-chairs
Martha James

The Green Party has a lot of volunteers who give their time generously, from local parties to national governance bodies. When the whole party is focused on winning elections, we have demonstrated that we get results.

Our aim is to get five MPs elected by the next General Election, and 900 councillors by next year. We know this is ambitious, but with us all working together, we can support members who stand for election – and get them elected. 

The Green Party Regional Council (GPRC) has been looking at all our committees, groups of common interest (liberation groups) and governance bodies, to find out how they can support this effort of getting more Greens elected. All committees in the party should be focused on this task, including our Standing Orders Committee (SOC) which oversees Conference procedures. 

We need members like you to come forward with exciting motions to Conference that unite the Green movement, enthuse other members and can be used by election candidates on the doorstep. Tackling the issues that everyday people care about should also see us increase our membership base.

The Green Party Executive (GPEx) and GPRC have a targeted focus on winning elections, which is reflected in these discussions on how our committees and internal groups work. Our aim is to provide greater help and support to the English regions, Wales and local parties in pursuit of this goal. 

So what is GPRC doing to help get more Greens elected?
  • GPRC has set up an oversight body to support GPEx in reaching the election targets in the Political Strategy. This effort highlights how these two governance bodies are working together with the same aim.
  • We have set up an internal elections working group, to increase democracy internally. This is important; we want lots of members to stand for internal elections, as this helps run the party but will also help these members gain experience in public speaking, negotiation and consensus-building.
  • We are working on a revised national party constitution, with the aim of making it more understandable for our membership, so we all know what each of us does. This should help us to build trust among members of the party.
  • We are supporting the disciplinary review; this might not seem an obvious way to get Greens elected, but when a complaint is not handled in a proper and timely fashion, it can undermine a local party's election efforts. We need to find ways to streamline the complaints process and support our Disciplinary Committee (DC), with a system that members believe is fair and transparent. When we have trust in disciplinary systems, members can concentrate on winning elections. At the last Conference, DC did not get support to increase the size of its committee. We are hoping that the Autumn Conference will allow DC to have 20 members, which will really help them deal with the number of complaints in the system.
  • Members of GPRC are able to provide advice and give support to our English regions and Wales. This principle should be included within all our regional political strategies.

On GPRC we have a number of seats that will be up for election in the next six months. If you see a post advertised in your region, please consider standing for GPRC, as it is a great way to support the work of the party.

We are looking for members who are happy to get involved in maintaining the well-being of the party; people who are confident enough to put forward their point of view, but also prepared to listen, and reach consensus. Someone who is aware of potential bias in decision making, and is fair-minded would be ideal.

Most of all, we need members on GPRC who are curious about what happens in the party, how members feel about important issues that arise, and who also understand the need to maintain confidentiality. I look forward to seeing more members get involved in this vital work!