Elections: 2017 Green gear change

The Green Party Campaign School will help us to win more seats next year

Chris Williams
Tue 8 Nov 2016

2017 offers lots of potential for the Green Party around England and Wales. The party will be defending 19 English county council seats with chances for gains, and looking to make inroads in Wales as well as make our mark at the very first combined authority mayoral contests in places like Merseyside, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

Internally, the Green Party is working to strengthen our ability to campaign and win. For example:

  • ?the restructure of the regional support network will see new regional managers appointed with specific responsibility for elections and training;
  • our Campaign School will be up and running to train the next generation of campaign managers and eld organisers (see below);
  • an updated 'How to Win Local Elections' manual will be published to help local parties further refine campaign tactics;
  • new template newsletters, election leaflets, calling cards and posters will be made available.

Given the constantly changing political landscape post-Brexit and with big changes in the other parties, there will of course be challenges, but also opportunities with a larger membership than the last time local council seats were contested four years ago. I am optimistic the party's new focus will see even more success in the years to come, and this year, there are a lot of promising places around the country where we could see our very first wins such as Durham, Staffordshire, North Yorkshire, the Isle of Wight and various parts of Wales. All eyes will be on them.

Campaign School: The Green Party's brand new training programme

Campaign School is a brand new, dynamic training programme for members looking to run successful local council election campaigns. It will train the campaign managers and field organisers of tomorrow in all they need to know to run an election campaign.

The programme will begin with a four-day residential at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales in January. It will be followed up by ongoing mentoring and support to ensure participants get the most out of the programme.

To find out more about Campaign School and how to apply, visit www.greenparty.org.uk/campaignschool.