Editorial: Focusing on the future

The Green MP for Brighton Pavilion looks ahead to a pivotal general election

Caroline Lucas
Mon 24 Apr 2017

In just a few weeks' time, Britain will go to the polls in a generation-defining general election. The future direction of this country is at stake. Do we turn ourselves into an inward-looking Little England, with a decimated welfare state and walls built to keep people out? Or do we build a better country that welcomes people from elsewhere and leads the world in eradicating poverty and providing people with the best public services possible?

The Green Party's policy platform on 8 June is clear. We oppose the extreme Brexit that the Tories are pursuing and we also have a bold set of ideas to make Britain into a fairer, greener country. In every corner of this country, Greens will be standing as the only party giving voters a real alternative to the tired old parties. Where others are looking to the past we'll be focusing on the future - and especially standing up for young people in Britain who have been monumentally let down by the political establishment. That's why we're proposing the abolition of tuition fees, the reinstatement of EMA (education maintenance allowance) and the protection of freedom of movement - because young people today deserve a fair deal.

We're aiming big at this election, and nowhere more so than in Bristol West. At the last election, our vote there grew an enormous 23 per cent, and this year we're looking to go one better by winning the seat. Our brilliant MEP, Molly Scott Cato, is standing in Bristol West and Jonathan and I will be joining her on the campaign trail whenever possible. Of course, I'll be focusing on Brighton - where we're expecting a strong challenge from the other parties - and we're also focusing efforts on Bath, the Isle of Wight and Sheffield Central, too.?

To make this the best ever campaign for the Green Party, we need your help. Whether it's knocking on doors, delivering leaflets or giving a donation, everyone has a part to play in helping us win a historic victory and gain extra MPs. We don't get the big money or the media coverage that the other parties enjoy, so we really do need our members' help. Thanks to everyone who is able to get involved in the coming weeks; this party would be nothing without our members, and I look forward to campaigning alongside many of you.