Deputy Leader candidates

As voting opens for the Green Party of England and Wales’ (GPEW) internal elections, candidates for the position of Deputy Leader explain why party members should vote for them.

GPEW candidates Deputy Leader 2020
GPEW candidates Deputy Leader 2020
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Cleo Lake

Cleo standing for social, economic and environmental JUSTICE.

Over the last few months we have seen the best and worst of  society. Community spirit is strong, but racism and prejudice is on the rise. Ordinary people are being forgotten, human rights are under threat, air pollution remains at illegal levels, diversity is barely tolerated let alone celebrated and there is a global poverty emergency that the UK has shamefully not escaped from. 

As your Deputy Leader I pledge to ensure the Green Party is seen as credible and progressive and I will voice and challenge injustice wherever I see it – and that includes within our own party no matter how uncomfortable that might be. 

We must align our campaigns for social economic and environmental justice – these are intersectional and must be addressed together and we must amplify the voices of minorities and centre them in our demands. 

I am a credible spokesperson bringing much needed diversity to the leadership team. I will:

  • Listen to internal concerns, facilitate dialogue, try to heal divisions and build consensus. 

  • Lobby for arts, culture, creative freelancers and others in precarious work situations and the gig economy. 

  • Mentor young and marginalised people. 

  • Support regional and local parties.

My own activism has been centred on social and racial justice which has always crossed over into my political career. I am a skilled and experienced politician. I entered formal politics when I realised that bad outcomes were likely a result of the lack of diversity within my local council and so with encouragement I stood for and got elected to Bristol City Council in 2016. I became Lord Mayor 2018/19 and successfully bridged cultural gaps, wrote and delivered celebrated speeches, chaired full council with merit, attended hundreds engagements and made world news when I removed portraits of enslavers. 

We must have brave bold leadership that reflects society and the people we seek to reach. I am the candidate to best deliver this vision and I hope you will trust me with your vote. I am the change candidate and I will work hard for every one of you. Vote for me Cleo Lake I will not let you down. 


 Twitter: @CleoDanceBaton


GPEW candidates 2020 Andrea Fuller

Andrea Carey Fuller

I am standing for Deputy Leader to breathe change into the Green Party.

I am standing for Deputy Leader to breathe change into the Green Party. Equality and social justice within our Party will be achieved when more people are enabled to be actively involved in the way that it is run. The current unincorporated association status of the Party needs addressing to ensure equality of applicants – either by insurance to counter liability or by changing to an incorporated association. 

We need to address gaps in policy, e.g. there is no women’s rights policy. My role as the 50:50 ‘Director’ for the Green Party supports and empowers women to stand. Having a women’s rights policy (which eliminates discrimination against women – CEDAW)) prevents misogyny and establishes support for women will encourage more women to stand. 

Raised levels of climate change consciousness brought about by the Red Line demonstration (Paris 2015); Greta Thunberg and the rise of Extinction Rebellion in 2018 have resulted in an increase in Green Councillors. We now need to focus internal and external action on the social inequality issues under the spotlight from Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. Connecting via technology removes geographic barriers (too much activity has been London-centric); and enables ALL members to participate. 

My Deputy Leader Vision 

The establishment of a women’s cross-party climate change event, to promote the Green New Deal led by Green Party Women – as it is women and children who are affected the most in less developed countries. 

Nationwide Campaigns for Proportional Representation and Ethical Care Councils – through our elected Green Councillors 

Campaign for Housing as a human right: Campaigning for rent controls and bringing forward my suggestion for an Early Day Motion which deals with part of the lack of social housing “To suspend the Right to Buy Council Housing in all English Cities for the next five years”. 


Twitter: @greenandreac 



GPEW candidates 2020 Nick Humberstone

Nick Humberstone

In order to make Green policies happen, we need to get elected. I can be an ordinary voice to reach out to ordinary people, and make that happen.

I want politics to be for everyone. Politics is about people coming together and deciding how they want society to be. We can see it in parliament, and we can see it in our own membership. Politics isn’t diverse, and we aren’t a diverse movement. That has to change.

We need to use language better. The purpose of language is to communicate messages. We keep using complicated words when simple words would work just as well. I’ve felt barriers because of language myself when it comes to getting involved in politics. I talk in a pretty casual way, that won’t change if I’m elected. I think it’s a really great way to connect with ordinary people, not just political people.

We need to talk about the right policies. We’re a political party, we have to have an answer for everything. We can’t expect people who are having to choose between heating their home and eating to support us if they think we only care about the environment. We are a party standing for social and environmental justice equally, and I’d make sure everyone knows it.

We have to be willing to work with others.

It’s not just part of our path to success, it’s the kind of politics we want to be doing in Parliament, and what we want to see in our communities. When people work together, they can achieve so much more. We won’t always agree with other parties, and that’s okay, but we should be actively offering to work with other parties at every opportunity. 

When it comes to the climate, there's only 10 years left. When it comes to people, we can’t wait any longer. If you want politics to be about working together to deliver a society that works for everyone, then make me your first choice for Deputy Leader.


Twitter: @nickhgreen 



GPEW candidates 2020 Tom Pashby

Tom Pashby

Elect me to be a clear Green Left voice for the party, to reclaim our credibility on trans rights, and to ask every voter to vote Green at the next general election.

I got involved in the Green Party eight years ago when I realised the other parties had failed to protect our environment. The climate crisis has escalated since then, with the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C calling for “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes” to our economies by 2030 to avert catastrophe. The other parties pay lip service and commit pennies compared to the Green New Deal we in the Green Party know we need.

In terms of my experience in the party, I have knocked on hundreds, maybe thousands of doors to convince voters to vote Green. I’ve been a local authority election candidate for the party three times, a parliamentary candidate twice and have been an elected member of both the Green Party Executive and Young Greens Executive.

If we want to convince people to vote for us, they need to know where we stand. Our great policies, as decided by our members, place us firmly to the left of Labour. I am an anti-capitalist and I want to see an end to neoliberalism which is wrecking people’s lives and our planet. If elected as Deputy Leader, I would be a loud Green Left voice for the party in England and Wales. 

If elected, I would use my position to try and reclaim our credibility on trans rights. We have great policies on LGBTIQA+ rights, but a small section of our party have made trans and non-binary members feel unsafe and driven many away. If we want to elect more MPs, we need to rebuild our trust with the LGBTIQA+ community. 

Finally, we need to stop experiments with electoral pacts. Unite to Remain alienated too many supporters. 

Please vote for me number 1 for Deputy Leader so we can deliver more Green wins.


Twitter: @TomPashby



Amelia Womack

I am asking you to re-elect me as your deputy leader to build on my track record of delivering change for our party and in politics.

I am asking you to re-elect me as your deputy leader to build on my track record of delivering change for our party and in politics. In the last six years I have led our party to our highest ever election results in three General Elections as well as us winning a historic number of councillors and MEP’s.

I believe in grassroots politics and will continue my work supporting local parties across the country to help build our message as well as increase our councillors to ensure that we are getting more Greens elected to embed Green policies into our institutions.

With dedication and persistence, I have worked to secure our aims and ambitions on the national stage. I have taken on the biggest media interviews including Andrew Neil and Piers Morgan. I have been on every major news channel and have had articles, comment pieces, interviews and quotes in the Guardian, the i newspaper, New Statesman, Daily Telegraph, Vogue, Grazia as well as local papers across the country. In the 2019 general election I also had a weekly column in the Independent to analyse the week in politics through a Green perspective. 

I have built networks with campaigning organisations to ensure we collaborate with people who share our vision. I also work cross party with MPs and members of the House of Lords to help scrutinise the government and change policy on issues including women's rights and the environment.

With a bumper year of elections, and a limited opportunity to address inequality while staying below 1.5 degrees of warming and tackling the ecological emergency, I want to use my experience to ensure that we continue to build our party into a political force to be reckoned with. 

Voting for the GPEW internal elections for leadership positions and the Green Party Executive (GPEx) will run until 31 August. If you are a GPEW member, you can cast your vote on the GPEW members’ site.