Demonstrating solidarity with refugees

Tens of thousands marched in London in September to show solidarity with refugees

Francesca Gater
Tue 8 Nov 2016

Greens were well represented among the tens of thousands who marched in London to show solidarity with refugees in September. You couldn't fail to spot the party's 'Refugees Welcome Here' placards on the route.

Speakers at an emotional rally included actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Juliet Stevenson, and Lord Alfred Dubs, who led the campaign to get the government to bring thousands more child refugees.

Tragically, the day after the march, a 14-year-old boy from Afghanistan was killed on the motorway leading to Calais port. He had a brother in the UK and should have been allowed to come legally.

Since then, the French government has cleared the makeshift camp in Calais and dispersed thousands of people. Hundreds of children have been transferred to the UK, including the first 'Dubs' children. The delays in dealing with their cases are inexcusable. The UK must go much further to help people in desperate need.

As Caroline Lucas said to the crowd: "People do want to open their homes and their hearts to more refugees - that's the message coming loud and clear from today."

Some Green quotes from the day:

"I've been working for two years to persuade local councils to find homes for refugees. Progress has been very slow and very hard work. It's shameful."? - Andree, Richmond and Twickenham

"It's easier for many people to blame immigration than to deal with the actual issues like jobs and housing. I want the Green Party to be associated with anti-racism post- Brexit."? - Steve, Tonbridge?and Malling

"If you reject the mass movement of people, you are rejecting the 21st century. Leaders need to accept it and prepare for it."? - Dan, Greenwich