Cllr Daniel Laycock selected as Huntingdon parliamentary candidate

Selected today by the Huntingdonshire Green Party, Laycok says that residents should not have to ‘put up with a law-breaking government’.

Cllr Daniel Laycock
Green World

Today (22 August), Huntingdonshire Green Party members have selected local councillor Daniel Laycock as their prospective parliamentary candidate for Huntingdon constituency.

The candidate says that residents should not have to ‘put up with a law-breaking government, and lies from any prime minister’ when they next vote in the next general election.

Laycock was elected as a local councillor in May’s election for the Eynesbury ward, now sitting on St Neots Town Council. At his first council meeting, the new councillor proposed the creation of an Environment Committee to tackle the council's commitment to reaching net-zero by 2030. Laycock has since been elected as chair of the new committee. 

Cllr Daniel Laycock said: “With a Green MP for the Huntingdon constituency, we’ll work to help struggling families as we continue to face a cost of living crisis, tackle the climate crisis, work for investment in renewable energy, for a improved and better education system, connected public transport and a future for all.

“People across the Huntingdon constituency have been hit hard by a dangerously high increase in the cost of living, and rising fuel costs are only adding to these difficulties. 

“We need a credible alternative to help families with their bills and help many residents who face hardships in the coming months ahead and, as MP I would introduce a Universal Basic Income to help struggling families.

“As MP I will work to develop a sustainable transport plan for our area, which would mean affordable public transport as well as high quality cycling and walking infrastructure.

“It is due to the lacklustre approach of the Tories that people still need to drive in order to access local services and shops. Not only is this bad for our local environment, it also makes our streets less safe and is discriminatory towards those who cannot use a car. 

“With the region’s under-funded public transport and lack of active travel facilities and will prioritise funding public transport as well as cycling and walking infrastructure if elected.

“A public transport revolution is possible and, I would do everything I can to improve public transport, walking and cycling, to help people through the cost of living crisis with more support, improve air quality and safety by reducing the number of cars on the roads. I will do everything I can to turn that into a reality for our area. 

“I will also stand up for LGBTIQA+ people in the constituency and Cambridgeshire. We need to see better trans healthcare, safe spaces for the community and young people. With the rise in hate towards LGBTIQA+ people we need better legislation to prosecute hate crimes.

“With Greens on both St Neots Town Council and in joint administration on Huntingdonshire District Council, where Cllr Davenport-Ray holds the portfolio for Climate and Environment, Greens in the room are making important and vital changes that are needed. With more Greens in Parliament, we can make a positive change for residents in Huntingdon.

“Huntingdon needs an MP that will be not only visible but one who will fight for every single resident, in their corner every single day."