Climate action tracker a wake up call for global leaders

The Green Party has responded to a recent report by Climate Action Tracker, which predicts a 2.4C temperature rise by the end of this century, stating that global leaders are ‘asleep at the wheel’. The report is a sobering development upon research published last week, which set the figure at an optimistic 1.8-1.9C.

Smoke coming out of a chimney
Green World

The Green Party yesterday responded to the Climate Action Tracker report (CAT), calling it a ‘wake up call’ for global leaders. The report warns that the world is heading for a 2.4C temperature rise by the end of this century, with devastating impacts across the globe.

The research, published by the widely-respected climate action coalition on Tuesday, was calculated based on the short-term goals countries have set for the next decade. The figure exceeds both the safer limit, 1.5C, proposed at COP21 in 2015, and its upper limit of 2C.

Forecasts published last week put forward a more optimistic estimate of 1.8-1.9C, however, these figures were based on the longer-term goals set by global leaders at COP26.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: “Today was the day the sugar coating fell off the COP26 talks to reveal the bitter pill that world leaders are going to force us to swallow if they don’t take much stronger action.

“This report shows that action in the next ten years is vital. Long term targets, promises and non-existent technofixes, with no actual policies to get us there, are worth nothing. It shows that most global leaders have been asleep at the wheel. This is their wake-up call.

“We need a carbon tax, a Green New Deal and billions transferred from the world’s richest countries to the world’s poorest to help them adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis and build a clean green economy for the future.”  

Caroline Lucas MP also commented: “This is where we are mid-way through this critical summit and it’s clear that it’s going nothing like as well as the Government likes to pretend. Our chances of keeping 1.5 alive – the key objective of the COP presidency – are receding by the minute.   

“If COP26 ends with no clear agreement and plan for meeting that temperature goal, it is even more vital that there is a framework for ratcheting up countries’ climate commitments so they are not reviewed every five years but every year, with clear accountability processes put in place. 

“There is still time to make progress on this, and on the key issue for developing countries on the front-line of the climate crisis - the money and support they were promised must be delivered. It’s time rich nations recognised that climate negotiations have to be based on justice, and that means paying for the damage they have caused."