Calls for ‘radical shake-up’ of Treasury

Following a cabinet reshuffle that saw Number 10 extend its influence over the Treasury with Chancellor Sajid Javid resigning from his role, Green peer Natalie Bennett has called for a radical change of focus for the Treasury away from economic growth towards one of environmental and social well-being.

Greens announce Carbon Chancellor plans outside Treasury
Greens announce Carbon Chancellor plans outside Treasury

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Green World

The Green Party has called for a “radical shake-up” of the Treasury after today’s (13 February) cabinet reshuffle saw Chancellor Sajid Javid resign after Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanded he sack all of his advisors to continue in the role.

Javid rejected the demand from Johnson, thought to be influenced by controversial senior advisor Dominic Cummings, with Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak MP making the step up to Chancellor.

Treasury advisors will now be replaced by Number 10 special advisors, bringing Number 10 and the Treasury into one team, which is expected to give Downing Street much more control over government spending.

In light of the move, Green Party peer and former leader Natalie Bennett said: “The Treasury is in urgent need of a radical shake up, but we won’t get the reform we need from a Conservative government.”

During the general election campaign, the Green Party proposed creating a new Department for the Green Deal, with a Carbon Chancellor tasked with overseeing the carbon budget and driving a shift in focus from economic growth and gross domestic product (GDP) towards one of environmental and social well-being.

The party promised an ambitious Green New Deal which would see investment of up to £100 billion a year for 10 years to boost the green economy, providing low-carbon jobs and a renewable energy transition to combat the climate emergency.

Bennett continued: “The pursuit of endless growth has pushed our climate over a cliff, while failing to tackle poverty in the sixth richest nation in the world. We need to repurpose our economy to put people and planet first, investing in a Green New Deal and measuring the things which really matter like well-being, free time and environmental health, not just GDP. 

“With Johnson and Cummings now pulling the strings of the Chancellor like never before, expect more of the free market fundamentalism which is turbo charging the climate crisis and driving millions into misery. In an age of climate emergency, we need real reform of our economy.”