Calls for a compassionate approach to migration

The Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer is calling for ‘a compassionate and rational approach to migration’ after today’s announcement of record-breaking UK migration figures from 2022. 

Carla Denyer, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West
Carla Denyer, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West

Jon Craig

Green World

As figures from the Office for National Statistics have today (25 May) shown that net migration to the UK reached 606,000 last year, the Green Party has called for a new approach which is both compassionate and rational.

Denyer said: “The talk today will be on the total number of migrants entering the UK, but we must never forget that every person coming to the UK is a human being with the same ambitions, dreams and hopes that we all have.

“The figures are also misleading since more than a third of non-EU immigration is made up of international students who have been actively encouraged to come to the country and will eventually return home. There are also many thousands from Ukraine and Hong Kong, who have been received with compassion by the British people. 

“As a rational step, Greens support separating the statistics out into those seeking asylum, students and those seeking work. We also welcome those seeking to work in the UK, who often bring vital skills and help boost the economy. We would scrap minimum income rules for visas and want the UK to negotiate to rejoin the EU free movement zone. 

“Discussions on migration have become dominated by divisive rhetoric, stoked by the Conservatives and the right-wing media. Unlike Labour, we aren’t afraid to challenge this narrative. We welcome the diversity that people from other countries and societies bring to our educational establishments, our workplaces and our communities."