Building our policies

The Policy Development Committee for the Green Party of England and Wales supports the leadership team, spokespeople, and elected Greens across the country in building quality, evidence-based policies. Vix Lowthion invites party members to step forward and join the committee, which currently holds seven vacancies.

Voting at Autumn Conference 2018
Voting at Autumn Conference 2018

Image: Green Party

Vix Lowthion

What made us take the plunge and join the Green Party? Was it the hope for a shiny badge and membership card one day? Or the glamour of stomping rainy streets delivering much-wanted election leaflets and the possibility of the odd dog bite? Or maybe it was the promise of untold riches and the easy route to absolute power?

We can safely say it was unlikely to be any of the above. We are Greens because we know that the climate is facing a crisis of great magnitude, and the solutions to this crisis demand greater social and environmental equality for all. We looked around and realised that only the Green Party – our community leaders at a local and a national level – had the policies to address the challenges that we face now, and in the future.

We cannot take these policies for granted. Each of them were developed collaboratively and agreed democratically. Our conferences without the policies to discuss and debate would be merely showpieces – they would be just like all the other parties. Our uniqueness, and our strength, comes from our policies and our people. And now is the perfect time to get even more involved! 

Policy Development Committee (PDC) for the Green Party of England and Wales are looking to co-opt up to seven vacant positions to sit on the committee and support our Party’s members to develop good, robust policies. It is via quality, evidence-based policies that we can support our leadership team, spokespeople and elected Greens across the country to make the difference that our communities and our voters demand. 

PDC meets once a month online, with perhaps additional meetings on the run-up to conference and Policy Fest. We are looking to increase our diversity, add to our skills, represent the special interest groups in the party and include elected councillors.

We are looking for you!

If you wish to be considered for co-option onto PDC, now is the time to step forward. Please complete this form and submit it by 8 November.

PDC are a friendly bunch, and we have big plans – we just need more people to share life with! For more info, please contact