Build, win, transform: Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay

"There is political space for the Green Party to grow exponentially. We need the right leadership to capitalise on that." Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay explain why members should vote for them in the upcoming leadership election.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay leadership candidates
Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay

Our political opponents are failing on the issues that matter, from the climate and ecological emergency to deepening inequality. There is political space for the Green Party to grow exponentially. We need the right leadership to capitalise on that. 

We’re ready to bring our 33 years of political experience to leadership: our track record of winning elections,14 years as Green councillors, and our history of performing in the media. 

Adrian Ramsay 

  • Adrian is a former Green Party Deputy Leader, and was part of the team that saw Caroline Lucas elected as the first Green MP.
  • He was a leading councillor in Norwich, overseeing the rapid growth of Norwich Green Party to become the largest Green councillor group in the country at the time, reaching 15 seats. 
  • He co-wrote the party’s ‘Target to Win’ election manual and helped build the structures that have enabled the party to more than treble our councillors in the last decade. 
  • Since 2012 Adrian has served as the CEO of two national environmental charities, including the Centre for Alternative Technology. 

Carla Denyer 

  • Carla is the Green Party’s MP candidate for Bristol West – our best shot at getting our next Green MP. In the 2019 General Election she came second, nearly doubling the previous vote share and securing the highest number of votes Greens have ever received in a General Election outside of Brighton. 
  • Carla is an award-winning councillor in Bristol. In 2018 she proposed the first Climate Emergency declaration in Europe, committing Bristol to go carbon neutral by 2030. Seventy-four per cent of UK councils, the UK Parliament and the Scottish and Welsh governments have since followed her lead. 
  • Her council work has helped prevent homelessness and she has campaigned alongside unions and grassroots organisations for renters’ and workers’ rights, and for safe housing for domestic violence survivors. 

Our platform: Build, win, transform

  • We must build the party into a real electoral force. That starts with professionalising the party. • We want to improve how our party executive functions. We’ll encourage greater transparency and accountability to the membership, and foster more long-term decision-making, ensuring we’re properly planning what success looks like for the next decade. 
  • We will grow and diversify our membership through vibrant party campaigns and showing that the Green Party is a serious electoral force. We will support our liberation groups such as Greens of Colour to champion change, recruit members, and facilitate workshops helping members understand each other, party policy, and our shared mission. 
  • We want to improve party culture. We can do that by centering compassion in Green Politics. Compassion for each other, our communities and the natural world. 
  • We want to reject the awful culture wars fomented by the right wing press and dark corners of social media. The Green Party can lead this charge, creating spaces where people can learn and engage. We want to make sure that every level of the Green Party is welcoming, inclusive and driven to deliver change. 
  • Our goal is a movement free from racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, ageism, antisemitism or any kind of discrimination. A party that makes the most of everyone’s talents, respects lived experience and stands together for human rights and the environment. 
  • And we’ll make sure we deliver for you in the national media. If voters are inspired by competent and inspiring leadership we know more people will vote Green. 
  • We must win power and influence in every corner of England and Wales. Getting more Greens into positions of power is our best way of securing change. 
  • Greens are currently in administration in 14 councils, leading action from Lancaster to Brighton and Hove. But that’s not enough. 
  • We have to set ambitious targets on getting Greens elected. By 2025 the goal is to have 900 Councillors, be in political control of 40 Councils, to have won (at least) a second Green MP and Greens in the Senedd. 
  • As leaders we’ll travel across England and Wales to support local parties to win. We know how much leadership visits can help boost local party morale and gain media coverage. 
  • We want to see greater focus on developing the next generation of Green leaders, organisers and MPs. We’ll make time to support the rollout of training programmes and mentoring upcoming talent. 
  • And we’ll make sure we deliver for you in the national media. If voters are inspired by competent and inspiring leadership we know more people will vote Green. 
  • This is the crucial decade for transforming society. The response to Covid shows that transformational change is possible. 
  • We need to make the case for our big ideas – their time has come. From a Universal Basic Income to a Green New Deal. 
  • We will expose the yawning gap between promises and action on the climate emergency, and challenge every road-building and airport expansion plan. 
  • We’ll champion a fair transition that ends poverty and homelessness, and protects the most vulnerable. And we’ll emphasise the need for ecological restoration and a sustainable, compassionate food system. 
  • Only the Green Party has comprehensive policies for a just transition. We must take this opportunity to put Green policies at the heart of the debate. We can build a brighter future together. 


Caroline Lucas, Green MP: “The Party has a vital opportunity to establish itself as the third party in British politics, and put powerful Green ideas at the top of the political agenda. Carla and Adrian would give us the best possible chance of winning our second seat in Parliament, as well as embedding electoral experience and success throughout the Party.” 

Rosi Sexton, Green Councillor: "Carla and Adrian have experience as elected politicians. They understand the need to reach out beyond our echo chamber to engage with voters who may not already think of themselves as Greens.” 

Gina Dowding, former Green MEP: “I want to see our new leaders help build on our recent progress and take us forward to win more seats at the next General Election. Carla and Adrian are the team to make that happen.